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A LOCAL CALL to ACTION: $44 or 44? #Fail

A LOCAL CALL to ACTION: $44 or 44?

by Elyssa Durant,
January 15th 2009

This is your official call to action. $44 or 44?

We are calling upon all Nashvillians to contribute to a once to in a lifetime opportunity to be make a difference on the home front.

Be the change. Act locally.

President Obama has his work cut out out for him. So do we. So do you.

I am asking each one of you to make a choice today: $44 or 44? How much is your time worth? 44 hours of public service or $44 out of your ATM. You decide.

4 dollars or 4 hours? Each month, every month for the next 11.

Are you ready to be the change?

Make your contribution today. Go to, and hit "contact!" Tell me how you are building a better Nashville for all of us!


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