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IRS.ATROCITY I Found Freedom

IFF - International Freedom Foundation - I Found Freedom | Nov 30th -0001

From: Ex-Taxpayer Registered Mail_____________
c/o general delivery Date ________________
anywhere, Texas [slavecode]

A Statement of Notice of Violation of My Rights
of Life, Liberty, Property, & Pursuit of Happiness

To: Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
1100 Commerce St.
Dallas Texas [75242]
Attn.: Steve Burgess, Area Director

To: All Officers, Agents & Employees of the Internal Revenue Service

On this day, Monday of October 09, 2000 c.e. I am issuing a Statement of Notice of Violation of My Rights of Life, Liberty, Property, & Pursuit of Happiness. I am giving you 21 days of grace to answer the following questions. If you need more time please write me & I will happily grant an extension.

Publication # 1 says that the employees of the Internal Revenue Service will explain and protect your rights as a taxpayer. If I am in error or misunderstood the tax laws in any way, it is not intentional. The IRS never attempted to contact me in any way to inform me that I may have been in error. In the past, because I may have misunderstood the tax/political status of the individuals upon whom Congress intended to impose a tax in section 1 of the Code, I filed, I believe in error, 1040 returns for all my previous years. It is my belief that my accountant & I erroneously assessed me a tax under section 1 of the code which, except for those returns, the law imposed no legal obligation or liability upon me for such tax. I have written this notice in good faith & I expect the same respect from you.

These notices, which have no agent's name or signature upon them, may be a confirmatory writing or statutory notice in which you are seeking my confirmation of the alleged penalty for the filing a return. I assure you, that I am most anxious to resolve this matter, but I have been unable to find an implementing regulation for 26 U.S.C. 6702. Before you move to penalize me, I am requesting that you provide me, with a copy of that regulation that would provide for the force of law to implement the statute that you claim to be using against me. Also, 26 U.S.C. 6703(a) requires that for a penalty to apply under 26 U.S.C. 6702 that "�the burden of proof with respect to such issue shall be on the Secretary". Please provide me with a copy of the documentation, which shows the evidence that the Secretary has determined that proves the allegation. Also provide me, a copy of the regulation that would implement and provide the force of law to 26 U.S.C 6703(a) allowing the Secretary to make such a determination.

Thank you for finally contacting me. I refuse this presentment & I am returning your threatening letters (presentment) as I believe that you are in error in submitting them to me as I am not liable or responsible as a "taxpayer" as that term is defined in the Internal Revenue Code. I have received no "income" from sources "within the United States" as that term is defined in the IRC. I will be happy to meet with you to discuss the questions listed below. I have been on holiday & out of the country for some time. I would like to set the record straight. Consequently, I need your help in updating the records.

I state for the record that I am not refusing to file any forms that I may be required to file, I am asking through discovery for help in determining the proper forms due to my political status, if they exist.

You are hereby directed to take notice that any & all agents of the United States are precluded from making a "status determination" in income tax matters. Before any Agent of the U.S. acts upon the declared status of ***** *****, *****, Sui Juris 1.) as that of a "nonresident alien" 2.) to the Corporate Federal "United States", such Agent is directed to take Notice of St. Louis Park Medical Center v. Lethert, 286 F. Supp. 271 & 3.) 28 USC 2201. All IRS agents and U.S. Courts are thus barred from making a "status determination" with regard to federal income taxes. Consequently, if IRS agents and Courts are barred from declaring ***** *****, *****, Sui Juris, a "taxpayer", then, both IRS agents and U.S. Courts lack jurisdiction and the declared status of the Accused must be accepted.

If the IRS and its agents are unable to prove, that ***** *****, *****, Sui Juris, volunteered, knowingly and intentionally with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences, then his sworn statement that he did not volunteer must stand, including, his status as a "non?resident alien" to the Corporate "United States".

I have filed all 1040 forms in the past "under threat, duress, & coercion." The IRS record has been documented for many years. I have attended several lectures, read many books, newspapers, magazines & seen movies, such as "the Federal Zone", "Harry's War" & "the Wizard of OZ."

I no longer live at or reside at *** *** *** *** ** *** & have not since my divorce. Prior to the court's final decree of my divorce I was separated from my wife & family. To contact me in the future, all correspondences should be sent to the above address. Again, I do appreciate all your help.

I have a thinking mind not an open mind. I am not an individual. As a, thinking, natural human I have the intelligence to & will evaluate the factual evidence presented. I will then form an intelligent & objective opinion. I assure you I will use reason, logic & common sense to evaluate the information & evidence you will provide to me. The evidence will speak for itself. I am only interested in what is the truth.

I believe that I am not an U.S. Citizen & consider myself a non-resident alien, a sovereign & a private party. This means that I do not live or work in Washington D.C. & am alien to that jurisdiction. I consider myself an American National & a State Citizen. I began my life in the Great State (nation) of New York. I am not therefore required to file. I am a sovereign & a freeman. No man has the right to enslave another man. Slavery or bondage whether through a debt based monetary system or legal system is unlawful.

I do not have an U.S. Passport. The passport is misleading & confusing. I do believe in the right to travel freely without government restrictions.

I never applied for a social security card therefore it is not possible for me to have a social security #. The social security # belongs to the U.S. government. You claim ___________ is SS # assigned to TAXPAYER-INC.

I do not vote. The real issue is not whether you vote but who counts the vote & if the election process is fair, equal & just. A review process does not exist whereby common citizens can monitor & examine the voting process consequently, voting in the U.S. is a sham & a fraud. The only way to have a lawful vote is through a paper ballot. How can there be a free election when there is no freedom of choice? U.S. taxpayer's dollars support many candidates & yet these candidates are barred from the presidential debates which is a blatantly unfair practice.

I do not have a driver's license. If this is in dispute show me my signature on a valid lawful contract where I applied for a driver's license. In Texas a driver's license is not necessary to travel the byways.

I have been told that I have a birth certificate. I have no recollection of my birth on the day I'm told I was born. This consequently is hearsay evidence.

The CP22E, CP 501, CP 503 correspondences sent to me bears no OMB # or an expiration date. I believe that any document, that requires an action or sets up a default against me for failure to act qualifies as an information collection request, and must bear an OMB # as required by 5 CFR Ch.III, � 1320.3 (f) (1) and an expiration date as required by 5 CFR Ch.III, � 1320.5. I further request the full name of the agent or agents, and their capacity, by which he or she made the determination of this alleged penalty against me.

Your documents are being refused and returned to you for cause without dishonor pursuant to the Texas Business and Commerce Code 3.505 for, but not necessarily limited to, the following: I am not TAXPAYER-INC, there is no reasonable identification of the person making presentment & evidence of his authority to make it, if made for another.

I understand, even though I am not a legally created entity as indicated on your communication, that you intend for me to think that you are communicating with me personally. I am giving you the courtesy of personally responding to your communication but I fully reserve all my G-d given rights as a natural human & nothing in this letter is to be construed as my acceptance of your "legal entity" designation.

I have studied the IRS Code, the Federal Reserve System & the U.S. government for some time & have discovered several interesting issues. I would like your help & demand an explanation to all of these issues & or questions.

  1. Can the IRS provide the statute of law & the implementing regulations that allows the IRS to assess, collect & makes someone responsible for paying the Federal Income Tax?

  2. Have you seen the May 16, 1994 letter from Michael L. White Attorney for the Office of the Federal Register that states, "The Director of the Federal Register has asked me to respond to your inquiry. You have asked whether Internal Revenue Service provisions codified at 26 U.S.C. 6020, 6601, 6602, 6651, 6701, & 7207 have been processed or included in 26 CFR part 1. The Parallel Table of Authorities & Rules, a finding aid compiled & published by the office of Federal Register (OFR) as a part of the CFR Index, indicates that implementing regulations for the sections cited above have been published in various parts of title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). There are no corresponding entries for title 26�Your second question refers to IRS procedures for incorporating material reference in the Federal Register�Our records indicate that the Internal Revenue Service has not incorporated by reference in the Federal Register (as that term is defined in the Federal Register system) a requirement to make an income tax return�"?

  3. If someone within the IRS completed internal Form 5546 to indicate that "the taxpayer" is involved in an ATF activity would that be considered prima facia evidence of the fraud of the IRS?

  4. What is the significance of the IRS the regulations in Title 27 versus Title 26?

  5. Can the IRS explain the difference between direct & indirect taxes?

  6. Is the Federal Income Tax a direct tax or an indirect tax?

  7. If the Federal Income Tax is a direct tax what is the purpose of the U.S. Census?

  8. If excise or indirect taxes pay for all government services why do we have a Federal Income Tax?

  9. Does the Federal Reserve benefit from the collection of the Federal Income Tax if FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) endorses my check?
  10. What is the purpose of collecting the Federal Income Tax?

  11. Is the Federal Income Tax actually a conspiracy utilizing mail fraud, racketeering to extort money from ignorant, unsuspecting, innocent, misguided, patriotic Americans?

  12. Is or is not the IRS a collection agency as described under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

  13. Would you discuss the IRC if there were no Law to support the IRC (Internal Revenue Code)?

  14. Are IRS employees public servants or do they work for a private corporation or trust in the private sector?

  15. Why is the IRS not listed in the Govt. business directory called "The Blue Pages" in the Southwestern Bell phone book in Greater Dallas?

  16. Who employs & pays the salary of the Secretary of Treasury of the United States?

  17. Who employs & pays the salary of the Treasurer of the United States?

  18. Why does the IRS write my name in capital letters when that is not proper & correct English?

  19. Can the IRS explain what is the significance in writing a name in capital letters?

  20. Did you know that the 16th Amendment in the Constitution for the United States of America was not properly ratified?

  21. Have you familiar with the "The Law That Never Was" written by Bill Benson which includes 17,000 documents to support this fact?

  22. Does it matter if the 16th Amendment is not a law?

  23. Is the United States a nation of laws or a nation of lies?

  24. Is the United States Inc. a nation or a corporation?

  25. What is the definition of "voluntary" as described by the IRS?

  26. What does 5 CFR Ch.III, � 1320.9 (d) "Is written using plain, coherent, & unambiguous terminology & is understandable to those who are to respond:" mean?

  27. How does this definition vary with the understanding or misunderstanding of the common man?

  28. Why is "voluntary" used throughout the IRS Code?
  29. Is a "U.S. Citizen" described in the IRC as someone who lives, works or resides in Wash D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam & other territories of the United States?

  30. If records were turned over to the IRS would or can these records be used in a civil or a criminal case?

  31. Can the IRS provide anyone with the valid lawful contract that obligates anyone to the IRS?

  32. Are the 4 parts of a valid lawful contract 1.) an offer, 2.) an acceptance, 3.) a consideration & 4.) signatures by all parties involved?

  33. Can the IRS provide the valid lawful contract that obligates an employer to withhold taxes from an employee's wages if the employee does not or will not fill out a W-2 or does not have a SS #?

  34. Can the IRS provide the valid lawful contract that obligates the employer to have an employee fill out a W-2?

  35. Can the IRS provide the valid lawful contract that obligates the employer to fill out the 1099 form for a vendor or contractor?

  36. How does the IRS compensate the employer for providing this service?

  37. If an employer works for free is that considered slavery/bondage or benevolence/goodwill?

  38. Does the IRS desire goodwill or promote fear & reprisal?

  39. Are American companies unfairly in bondage because they work for the IRS without compensation?

  40. What is the basis for the IRS to make a legal determination of a "tax protestor" or "non-taxpayer"?

  41. If the IRS will not provide the law or a lawful contract that obligates anyone to the IRS, how is it possible to be a "tax protestor"?

  42. What is the intention of the IRS in labeling someone as a "tax protestor", which may be harmful & slanderous?

  43. What is the difference between someone that is a "taxpayer" & a "tax payer"?

  44. Since the IRS will not provide the law or a lawful contract, there is no law requiring someone to pay this extortion racket/scheme. Then why are the American people purposefully being harassed, damaged, & persecuted?

  45. Would the IRS & their agents be guilty of criminal misconduct when they are trying to collect/extort money from someone, that is not a "taxpayer" & that someone it is not required to file or pay?

  46. How is it possible to be charged with willfully not filing a Federal Income Tax Return when the law does not exist which requires someone to file or pay?

  47. How can anyone file a 1040 tax return without waiving his/her 5th Amendment rights which, clearly states, "no one shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself."?

  48. What is a "notice of lien"?

  49. How does the lien process relate to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)?

  50. Legally does the IRS have to get/have a lien, so the IRS can/may legally notice/tell/inform someone that a lien has been placed with the Secretary of the State?

  51. Does IRS say "Notice of Lien" as a means of intimidation or are they are merely anticipating or contemplating getting a lien?

  52. Does the IRS go to a court to get/secure a lien?

  53. Does the IRS know that the Secretary of State provides a service, for a nominal fee, that checks if there are any liens on file?

  54. Is the 1040 form the correct form to fill out if you are not required to file?

  55. Does 1040 form match the correct OMB #?

  56. Why & what is the 2555 form & its use?

  57. What is the OMB # for the 2555 form?

  58. Did the Secretary of the Treasury admit that the form which had to be filed by a U.S. Citizen pursuant to �1 of the Code, was the Form carrying the OMB Control Number 1545-0067, which is the Form 2555 Foreign Earned Income?

  59. Is this Form 2555 also required to be filed pursuant to � 911, and � 6012 for U.S. Citizens?

  60. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Non-resident" which states, "One who does not reside within jurisdiction in question; not an inhabitant of the state of the forum�"?

  61. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Non-resident alien" which states, "One who is neither a resident nor a citizen of the United States. Citizenship is determined under the federal immigration & naturalization laws (U.S. Code Title 8)"?

  62. If the IRS has determined that I am not a non-resident alien, then am I a resident alien or a State Citizen?

  63. If the IRS believes that I am a resident alien, then what am I alien to and what am I a resident of?

  64. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Resident alien" which states, "�has many meanings in law, largely determined by statutory context in which it is used."?

  65. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Sovereign" which states, "A person, body, or state in which independent & supreme authority is vested; a chief ruler with the supreme power�"?

  66. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Freeman" which states, "A person in the possession & enjoyment of all civil & political rights accorded to the people under a free government"?

  67. Is the United States of America the land of the free & home of the brave?

  68. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Sui juris" which states, "Of his own right; possessing full social & civil rights; not under any legal disability, or power of another or guardianship. Having capacity to manage one's own affairs; not under legal disability to act for one's self."?
  69. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Non sui juris" which states, "Not his own master. The opposite of sui juis (q.v.) Lacking legal capacity to act for oneself as in the case of a minor or mentally incompetent person."?

  70. Is the IRS familiar with the Black's Law Dictionary's definition of "Civil liberties" which states, "Personal, natural rights guaranteed & protected by the Constitution; e.g. freedom of speech, press, freedom from discrimination, etc. Body of law dealing with natural liberties, ... Constitutionally, they are restraints on Government�"?

  71. If my certified public accountant prepared, filed the 1040 tax returns, & his/her misunderstanding, misrepresenting the law/contract, how should the returns be amended?

  72. Why is there a statue of limitations on how many years back one can go to amend & correct a 1040 form which was filed by mistake based on misrepresentation of the facts?

  73. Did the CPA commit a crime & would the licensing agency be culpable as well?

  74. Are the Texas State Board of Accountancy or the AICPA responsible for misinformation & negligence?

  75. Did the CPA commit sedition, mail fraud, conspiracy or all of them?

  76. Is ignorance a defense for my CPA?

  77. Which U.S. Government agency issued a license to my CPA?

  78. How does the IRS respect "due process of the law" as it relates to a human exercising his or her rights?

  79. Is the IRS superior to the Constitution for the United States?

  80. Is the definition of an "Agent" or "Agency," any "person" or "entity" that are foreign in the country for the venue & jurisdiction of the people that inhabit the land & must have permission (license) or consent by assent from the people allowing the "Agent" or "Agency" in their venue and/or jurisdiction?

  81. Can the IRS provide anyone with the valid lawful contract or agreement signed between you, your Heirs, Assigns, Agents, whereby anyone gave up his/her inalienable, unalienable rights & you have been given permission for violating his/her Private Property & threatening his Life, Liberty & destroying his/her Pursuit of Happiness & family?

  82. Does failure by the IRS to produce a valid lawful contract/agreement with a "Signature" strip you of your statutory immunity & make you liable in your private capacity subject to prosecution?

  83. Can you produce from the Constitution for the United States of America where you have the authority for invading Private Property without a Warrant signed by a Lawful Authority of my venue & jurisdiction?
  84. Are you a Federal Employee, a Corporation or are you an "Agent," foreign of my venue & working for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or all the above?

  85. Would you cite from the Constitution for the United States of America the Federal authority to file & prosecute a Criminal Act against a sovereign without permission or consent by assent?
  86. Can you produce from the Texas Constitution; Article 1 Section 1-30; the Authority that could or would give away anyone's Rights without their permission or consent by assent?

  87. What is a Non-FICA pension program?

  88. How many Americans participate in Non-FICA pension programs?

  89. Why do the Non-FICA pension programs have a higher rate of return on contributions?

  90. Are you familiar with these educational web sites that expose the fraud perpetrated by the IRS?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  91. Is the IRS prepared to prosecute, indict & convict the authors from the above websites?

  92. If the IRS is not prepared to prosecute, indict & convict these authors does that confirm the author's position that the IRS is a rogue unlawful agency committing treason, sedition & racketeering?

  93. Has the IRS lost any cases in the U.S. Courts to any of the above authors or groups?

  94. Why did the IRS lose these cases & what were the issues?

  95. Were any of the decisions from these cases restricted from the public view?

  96. Did the judicial system aid the IRS by hiding the facts & maintaining the fraudulent nature of the conspiracy of the IRS system?

  97. Is the IRS aware of the Genocide Treaty Article IV, which your agency is in violation of, and that there is no immunity from this Treaty? Article IV: "Persons committing genocide, or any of the other acts enumerated in Article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals".

  98. Does the IRS realize that the Article III of the Genocide Treaty states: "The following acts shall be punishable:

    (a) Genocide;
    (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
    (c) Direct & public incitement to commit genocide;
    (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
    (e) Complicity in genocide."?
  99. Is the IRS attempting to abolish a political class of Citizens by threats, which are subjecting the political class to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of this political class of Citizens called Citizens of one of the several states of the union of several states?

  100. Why did the IRS or any other Federal Agency not respond to Robert Schultz & the We the People Foundation when a forum was held on July 29th, 2000 c.e. at the National Press Club?

  101. Are you familiar with the following authors, radio hosts or speakers?

    Larry Abraham,
    Gary Allen,
    Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman,
    Joseph Banister,
    Larry Beecraft,
    Art Bell,
    Bill Benson,
    David Boaz,
    Neal Boortz,
    Dave Bosset,
    James Brovard,
    Scott Burns,
    Jack Casserly,
    Charles Collins,
    Alex Collier,
    Bill Conklin,
    Bill Cooper,
    Phoebe Courtney,
    Clayton R. Douglas,
    Milton Friedman,
    Des Griffin,
    Martin Gross,
    Patrick Henry,
    Jerry Henson,
    Leonard Horowitz,
    David Icke,
    Thomas Jefferson,
    Nick Jesson,
    Alex Jones,
    Eddie Kahn,
    Devvy Kidd,
    Whitey Harrell,
    Mark Lane,
    Alexander Del Mar,
    Jim Marrs,
    Jack McLamb,
    Dan Meador,
    David Miller,
    Eustace Mullins,
    William James Murray,
    Ralph Nader,
    James D Nichols,
    Micki Nellis,
    Gary North,
    Thomas Paine,
    Larry Pratt,
    P. J. O'Rourke,
    Terry Reed,
    F. Tupper Saussy,
    Pat Shannan,
    Irwin Schiff,
    Dr. Eugene Schroder,
    Dick Simkanin,
    Antony Sutton,
    Robert Taylor,
    John Trochmann,
    Edwin Viera,&
    Charles A. Weisman?
  102. Are you familiar with these other very interesting web sites?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  103. Can the IRS provide a copy of the current Delegation of Authority from the Secretary of the Treasury to the Commissioner of the IRS and the date it was published in the Federal Register?

  104. Can the IRS or an "Agent" or "Employee" in writing and signed under penalty of perjury tell what tax I am liable for, what form I am required to file and the proper OMB number of any such form?
  105. Can the IRS or an "Agent" or "Employee" in writing and signed under the penalty of perjury, tell what implementing regulations authorize you and your agency to request information or collect tax from me since I am not involved in the production or sale of alcohol, tobacco or firearms?
  106. Do you agree that the United States is the highest taxed country in the world?

Failure on your part to produce answers to each & all one hundred plus questions will provide more injury to me & violate my right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Due to the hostile actions of the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank & U.S. govt., I have been mortally harmed, my family destroyed therefore I will seek relief in the proper forum.

I hereby demand that you present the authority to support your allegations as per the Uniform Commercial Code under which all liens, levies and tax matters are controlled. "The Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966, Pub. Law 89-719 � 101, 80 STAT 1125 (1966) was adopted in order to conform the lien provisions of the internal revenue laws to the concepts developed in the Uniform Commercial Code."

If the above information is not received by me, I shall consider that it does not exist, and the allegations you have made are without proper legal foundation and are canceled.

Your silence will be in violation of the "Pruden and Tweel Doctrines" and will create an estoppel by acquiescence in all further actions in this matter. Please take specific notice of the following court authority:

"Fraud, deceit, trickery in obtaining access to incriminating evidence can make an otherwise lawful search unreasonable." Constitution for the United States of America, IV Amendment

"Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading." U.S. vs. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032 [7](1970)

"We cannot condone this shocking conduct by the IRS. Our revenue system is based on good faith of the taxpayers & the taxpayers should be able to expect the same from the government in its enforcement & collection activities." U. S. vs. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 300 [4] (1977)

I demand as a remedy a Letter of Apology from the IRS for the invasion of my Rights.

In addition, if you or anyone else who claims to operate in a fiduciary manner, prepares any forms under any alleged power of attorney without my consent and I am damaged by this improper use of fiduciary responsibility that you claim to have, these actions will be considered a violation of the laws of this land & I will seek remedy.

My surname is *******, & my family name, *****. I demand that you use such for any type of communication with me in the future. You must use upper and lower case letters NOT ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, as such designation is a statutorily created fictional entity.

Absent your furnishing me the items that I have requested it is my belief that there is no tax liability on me for the year in question. Even if I may have been in error in using the wrong form I believe that I am entitled to a refund for the taxes, which, I erroneously paid, and I further believe that the IRS has an obligation to inform me of the correct method to perfect such claim for refund.

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that; "Whatever the form in which the Government functions, anyone entering into an arrangement with the Government takes the risk of having accurately ascertained that he who purports to act for the government stays within the bounds of his authority. The scope of this authority may be explicitly defined by Congress or be limited by delegated legislature, properly exercised through rule-making power. And this is so even though, as here, the agent himself may have been unaware of the limitations upon his authority." Federal Crop Insurance Corporation v. Merrill, 332 U.S. 380, 384 (1947).

Congress has mandated that "except as otherwise provided by statute, the proponent of a rule or order has the burden of proof�A sanction may not be imposed or rule or order issued except on consideration of the whole record or those parts thereof cited by a party and supported by and in accordance with the reliable, probative, and substantial evidence�A party is entitled to present his case or defense by oral or documentary evidence, to submit rebuttal evidence, & to conduct a cross-examination as may be required for a full disclosure of the facts..." 5 U.S.C. 556(d).

I am most interested in resolving this matter and it is my intent to comply with all valid lawful laws & all valid lawful contracts. I have now imposed a duty on the IRS & it is the responsibility of the IRS to answer my questions and to cite the authority on which they purport to act. Refusal to answer my questions can be equated with fraud and any adverse action taken prior to administrative resolve of this matter will only serve to confuse the issue.

Everything that I have stated is the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. The truth is true, correct, & complete. The truth is not misleading & can be testified for, if called upon for doing so.

This Notice is in Commerce.

I now understand the nature of the fraud that your agency has perpetrated on me in the past. Every time I get anything in the mail from your agency it is further evidence of that fraud. I no longer volunteer to participate in these bad faith activities.

The IRS seems to be a corporation or trust owned and operated by and on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank as its' collection agency. We also both know the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned bank and not a part of the U.S. government. According to the Fair Debt Collection Act, once a collection agency is notified in writing to cease communications, that agency is required by law to cease all communications and collection activities. Here is my notice to you and your agency:

15 USCS � 1692, etc."(a) Abusive practices. There is abundant evidence of the use of abusive, deceptive, unfair debt collection practices by many debt collectors. Abusive debt collection practices contribute to the number of personal bankruptcies, to marital instability, to loss of jobs, & to invasions of individual. (b) Inadequacy of laws. Existing laws & procedures for redressing these injuries are inadequate to protect consumers."

15 USCS � 1692a. (5) "The term "debt" means any obligation or alleged obligation of a consumer to pay money arising out of a transaction in which the money, property, insurance, or services which are subject of the transaction are primarily for personal, family, or household purposes, whether or not such obligation has been reduced to judgement."

15 USCS � 1692a. (6) (c) "The term "debt collector" means any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the collection of any debts, or who regularly collects or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly, debts owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another. Notwithstanding the exclusion provided by (F) � the term includes any creditor who, in the process of collecting his own debts, uses any name other than his own which would indicate that a third person is collecting or attempting to collects such debts. For the purpose of section 808(6)[15 USCS � 1692f(6)], such term also includes any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the enforcement of security interests. The terms does not include -

(A) any officer or employers of a creditor while, in the name of the creditor, collecting debts for such creditor;

(B) any person while acting as a debt collector for another person, both of whom are related by common ownership or affiliated by corporate control, if the person acting as a debt collector does so only for persons to whom it is so related or affiliated & if the principal business of such person is not the collection of debts;

(C) any officers or employee of the United States or any State to the extent that collecting or attempting to collect any debt is in the performance of his officials duties;

15 USCS � 1692a. (8) The term "State" means any State, territory, or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any political subdivision of any of the foregoing."

15 USCS � 1692d. "A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:

(1) The use of threat or use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.

(2) The use of obscene or profane language or language that natural consequence of which is to abuse the hearer or reader.

(3) The publication of list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts, except to a consumer reporting agency or to persons meeting �

(4) The advertisement for sale of any debt to coerce payment of the debts.

(5) Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number�"

15 USCS � 1692e A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:

(1) The false representation or implication that the debt collector is vouched for, bonded by, or affiliated with the United States or any State, including the use of any badge, uniform, or facsimile thereof.

(2) The false representation -

(A) the character, amount, or legal status of any debt; or

(B) any services rendered or compensation which may be lawfully received by any debt collector for the collection of the debt.

(3) The false representation or implication that any individual is an attorney or that any communication is from an attorney.

(4) The representation or implication that nonpayment of any debt will result in arrest or imprisonment of any person or the seizure, garnishment, attachment, or sale of any property or wages of any person unless such action is lawful & the debt collector or creditor intends to take such action.

(5) The threat to take any action that cannot legally be taken or that is not intended to be taken.

(6) The false representation or implications that documents are legal process.

(7) The use of any business, company or organization name other than the true name of the debt collector's business, company, or organization.

You are hereby notified to cease all communication with "TAXPAYER-INC" as well as, cease all collection activity concerning any so called "delinquent tax", "outstanding tax balance", "1040 tax", "amount due", "penalties", "interest" or any other classification of money that you fraudulently claim are owed. This cessation of communication includes, but is not limited to: communications requesting or demanding payment of any kind, requesting information of any kind and/or requesting filing of any type of "tax return" or any other kind of form in direct violation of my G-d given Rights to Privacy, as protected under the Constitution for the united States of America.

I will not respond to any further unsigned communications from your agency. These communications amount to fraud and attempted extortion through the mail and I demand that the IRS cease immediately. Do not proceed with your fraudulent liens or levy's as the implementing regulations for these actions apply only to alcohol, tobacco and firearms. I am not involved in the production or sale of these items.

Please, do the right thing and enter Transaction Code 591 and Code MFR-01 with the appropriate closing codes for the account that you allege is mine as I have nothing to do with your agency. With all due respect,

T D C ExTaxpayer Sui Juris,
All Common Law Rights are reserved explicitly without prejudice
UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-207.


I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice! Let me make that perfectly plain, clear and mutually agreed, that, and I repeat, I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advice! This is my private opinion; I am only sharing information! Notice to agent is notice to principle and notice to principle is notice to agent. For those who would violate my privacy by intercepting this private communication, I fully reserve all of my absolute (sovereign) natural (natural by law) "creator endowed" inherent Rights! I also choose to exercise my Right of remedy In the event that any party attempts to use this writing in any proceeding of any kind! I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information! I could be wrong about all of it! Hereinafter "disclaimer". From now on until further notice the "disclaimer" is presumed in any further private or personal or public or official communication from me to you. "Disclaimer"

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