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Arrogance of Power | Mar 26th 2001

To All of US

It is difficult to follow all the news articles of the day! It is wonderful to find men & women, who are concentrating on issues important to All of US. Jim Condit Jr., is such a man!

Please read closely the following alert & I suggest purchasing the book Votescam!

How is possible to have lawful government IFF the voting process has been compromised? Please support honest & fair elections!

IFF pro means good, progress means to move forward & con means bad! What does congress mean?

Do we have a free press in the United States? Are the media outlets all reading from the same page? You decide!


"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." attributed to Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

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Look Who's Suggesting ABC, CBS, & NBC combine Nightly News Casts!

CBS Sixty Minutes Producer Don Hewitt must be reading our Network America e-wires.

Earlier this month Hewitt suggested that ABC, CBS, & NBC combine their nightly 6:30 PM newscasts.

(Veteran readers know that this Network America e-wire has led the charge on the internet in spreading the good word that the news departments at the 5 Big TV Networks -- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, & FOX -- coordinate their news everyday in what amounts to a treasonous conspiracy of mind warfare against the American people.)

We couldn't agree more. Hewitt's stated reason was because such consolidation would save the three Biggest TV networks money. Implicit in Hewitt's suggestion, though, is an admission that all three nightly newscasts are identical with regards to:

a) the major stories they cover each day;
b) the angle they cover those major stories from;
c) the information they suppress about the stories they do cover; &
d) the stories they ignore & suppress.

Hewitt was the Sixty Minutes producer who rushed Bill & Hillary Clinton onto his program the week after Gennifer Flowers went public against presidential candidate Clinton in 1992 right before the New Hampshire Primary. On that Sixty Minutes spot, two days before the New Hampshire primary, Clinton vaguely admitted he had caused pain in his marriage & Hillary, faking a mild southern accent, said she was not some kind of a "stand by your man" little woman.

The Big Media then used this lame excuse for TV theater to justify Bill Clinton's "comeback" - at the same time they universally tried to discredit Gennifer Flowers's revelations - even though Flowers made available taped phone conversations with Bill Clinton admitting the illicit relationship & asking Flowers not to admit or confirm anything to the press about their adulterous affair.

This same CBS producer, Don Hewitt, then bragged that he & Sixty Minutes had saved the Clinton presidency by airing this cozy spot on a show watched by millions of Americans.

In fact, this little stunt & the collaboration of all the Big TV networks (neither FOX nor MSNBC existed then) is one of the best proofs of the mind-warfare conspiracy against the American people by the Major TV Networks. That Don Hewitt knows what he's talking about. He knows that the Big Media & the Big Bankers work together to promote their chosen candidates - & they weren't going to let an average American (status wise) like Gennifer Flowers blow their plans for 8 years of Clinton - even though these same Big TV networks sunk Gary Hart's Presidential candidacy (for one anti-Isreali comment Hart had made on McNeil-Lehrer) on the exact same basis 4 years earlier. The "chosen" candidates like Clinton, however, must ever remain on pins & needles, because they are not high enough up in the political food chain to know what the next day's news headlines will bring.

The combining of the Major TV Networks nightly newscasts would bring it out into the open: they are all the same newscast anyway, coordinated by the same like-minded crowd. And this is why the "powers that be" will never do it. Right now, almost every American still believes that the nightly "story picks" by ABC, CBS, & NBC validate that the "chosen" stories are the only stories worth covering. If anything else was important, the vast majority of gullible Americans reason, the Big TV Networks would all choose to cover it, right?

60 Minutes Producer Don Hewitt spoke out of turn & some reporters picked it up. Nevertheless, the mouthing of this suggestion by a major Media Insider is very helpful. Three cheers for the Arrogance of Power!

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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