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5 Videos From North Korea Under Kim Jong Il's Rule | Death and Taxes

5 Videos From North Korea Under Kim Jong Il’s Rule

by Carmel Lobello,
December 19th 2011

A few fascinating videos from North Korea during Kim Jong-Il’s life and death.

After 17-years of rule, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il passed away of an apparent heart attack last night while riding a train. Here are a few videos from inside his fascinating (often terrifying) country during his rule.

Too cute times two:

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In the video above five adorable, undersized North Korean kids skillfully play five regular, adult-size guitars, while grinning in unison at the audience and each other. It’s impressive and adorable, yet, like many videos from North Korea a bit unnerving. Around minute 2:30 they really start to bang.

Goose step mash-up:

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Someone took footage of a North Korean military parade and cut it to metal instrumentals to interesting and—once again—agitating effect.

The Telegraph exclusive news coverage:

In November 2010 the Telegraph obtained this footage apparently from a group of North Korean dissidents showing a starving farm girl and an interview with a rebel. It was a rare look inside the secretive region which confirmed some old rumors of starvation and oppression in rural North Korea.

Most restrained rock show ever:

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On a trip to Cambodia YouTube user Vanlaer101 shot this video of a North Korean girl rock band playing what he believes are BONEX electric guitars at a mostly empty restaurant. It’s a little eerie, as are most performances directed at an empty room.

Organized Hysteria:

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The above video from The Daily What this morning shows North Korean citizens bursting into tears and pounding the ground after hearing of the Supreme Leader’s death. As the Daily What pointed out the video is “reminiscent of the ostensible outpouring that followed the passing of North Korea’s founder — and Kim Jong-il’s father — Kim Il-sung.” Watch here.

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