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2012 Project Enoch

2012 Project Enoch | Nov 30th -0001

First watch this video which talks about 1 of the 7 super technologies that will be used as part of Project Enoch 2012.

For further details of how you can instantly obtain the full 150 Page Project Enoch insight, read below.

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Urgent Demand By Our Members Leads to Sickening Discovery!

My name is Mel Sanger, an international political researcher and publisher of non mainstream reports sent out to a private membership. Last year September many of the members of our private monthly bulletin had been asking whether there was any significance to the year 2012 from a prophetical and secular perspective.

This demand had been created by the launch of the blockbuster movie "2012" which had increased public perception to the whole 2012 doomsday debate regarding the Mayan prophecies, Nostradamus, Planet X, Solar Flares and Polar Shifts.

With a major media focus on recent events such as the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and China, Icelandic volcanic ash cloud and major environmental disasters such as the BP oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, many of our members are increasingly asking the question, whether these ecological disasters have any significance leading up to 2012.

After sifting through literally over 357 websites focused on the 2012 debate as well as literally just over 2700 articles, 2 resounding themes began to emerge from the results of our research.

What are The 2 Key Discoveries?

The results of our research were quite fascinating.

Firstly it emerged that the vast majority of websites which have been launched to provide insight into the 2012 doomsday debate hardly provide insight into how 2012 links into the emergence of the new world order fuelled by the world's most powerful secret organizations, yet this is an undeniable, absolute fact.

Also, It emerged in our research that there is a specific covert operation codenamed "Project Enoch" which absolutely none of the the 2012 websites make any reference to. Project Enoch is one of the most dangerous and deceptive agenda's ever to be initiated by those behind the scenes who control the world economy, and 2012 is likely to be its launch pad.

The more we looked into Project Enoch the more we were able to unravel the tapestry of the 2012 controversy literally see why millions across the world are going to have the wool pulled over their eyes as we approach 2012. Unfortunately many of those believing that 2012 is a significant turning point for mankind have no idea that the 2012 end of the world debate is actually a means to another end and simply part of a much much bigger picture.

Did You Know That Danger Always Lurks When Governments are Silent!

After countless hours of research and trawling through hundreds of ancient and modern literature focusing on the Mayan Prophecies, Planet X and Nibiru, across different religions, civilisations and ideologies such as the Sumerians, Egyptians and Nazi Germany, it became clear that all of these areas are important in building the foundation for understanding the 2012 end of the world debate.

However the most important question in all of this is what is the position of your government on 2012?

We found that despite the overwhelming increase in hysteria and exposure of the 2012 debate there was very little information in the public domain from a government level. It was almost as if the governments of the world are totally silent on the matter........or so we thought.........until we dug deeper......... to significant depths below the surface level of the mainstream media until we reached new depths of information that very few have access to.

...........Until we came across a specific plan which has been defined as Project Enoch. Once we understood the elements of Project Enoch it became so much clearer how the 2012 end of the world phenomena ties into the agenda of the Illuminati and Freemasons regarding the movement of the world towards what is known as a New World Order and why 2012 is actually significant but not as is presently being conveyed. Our findings were published in a report that was released this year, 2012 - The Year of Project Enoch?

Something is Stirring Within the Ecological Realm!

Its hard to miss that last year in 2010 there were a significant number of ecological freak happenings.

The devastating earthquake which occurred in Haiti in January 2010 measured 7.0 on the Richter scale and wiped out over 230,000 people including nearly 2/3 of government officials. It was the worst earthquake disaster in 200 years.

The 2010 China drought and dust storms brought a series of severe droughts during the spring of 2010 that affected Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Hebei and Gansu in the People's Republic of China as well as parts of Southeast Asia including Vietnam and Thailand, and dust storms in March and April 2010 affected much of East Asia. The drought has been referred to as the worst in a century in southwestern China.
The 2010 Western Australian storms were a series of storms that travelled over south-western Western Australia on 21 and 22 March 2010. The storms brought extensive hail, strong winds and heavy rain, causing extensive damage to vehicles, property and trees, and flash flooding. The hail stones, believed to be the largest ever to have occurred in Perth, were around 3 cm – 6 cm in diameter which caused extensive damage to property across the city, including schools, hospitals, universities and power infrastructure. Wind gusts were recorded at around 120 km/h (75 mph).
The 2010 Indian heatwave was a period of ongoing extremely hot weather occurring during the summer of 2010 in India and much of South Asia. Temperatures of 53.7C(128.66F) have been recorded. It is said to be the harshest summer since 1800, the heatwave killed hundreds of people due to heat exhaustion and food poisoning.
The BP oil spill is being labelled as America's greatest ecological disaster. The oil spill has devastated fisheries and wildlife preserves along hundreds of miles of coastline in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida leading to a slump in tourism along the coast and causing widespread unemployment as the sea trade suffers significantly from the impact.

Are You Aware That The Devil is in the Detail?

The greatest threat to mankind has always been when nature begins to display freak events that can wipe out hundreds of thousands in a single instant. Yet, Project Enoch is covert plan that will take advantage of the 2012 end of the world doomsday hysteria in a way that will further cement the plans of a one world government.

It is a mesh of different complex strategies involving the new age movement, chemtrails, covert politics, deep ecology, egyptology, ufology, the world economy and specific government conspiracies that all mesh together to form a covert operation only discernable to those who are seeking the pursuit of detailed truth regarding 2012 and the end of the world, and dig far beneath the usual 2012 rehashed end of the world information that you will see across the internet.

And more importantly....the devil is in the detail........

A Small Preview of the Vast Number of Insights For
You To Make Your Own Personal Decision on The Evidence.

You will have 100% full access to the complete history of doomsday predictions that have ever been made throughout the centuries. From as early as AD40 up until 2047. A Truly incredible wealth of information for any serious researcher. (Part 1: Page 19)
What is the link between the alien agenda, Project Enoch and Revelation 9? (Part 2: Page 80)
Which museum houses huge metal double axes over 10 feet tall which were recovered from archaeological findings? What is the significance of these axes in the understanding of 2012, the Mayan and Sumerians civilizations and their beliefs about the origins of man? (Part 2: Page 78)
Why are there so many conflicting opinions coming out of NASA regarding Planet X? (Part 1:Page 86)
How does the merging of Occult Science and Advanced Technology create Electronic Sorcery, one of the most dangerous aspects of the Project Enoch formula? (Part 2: Page 124)
Many 2012 opponents claim that the Mayans never said 2012 would be the end of the world. Yet Read an interview with one of top Mayan Leaders and hear from his own lips what he believes! (Part 1: 67)
Why do the Occult Sciences place such a special emphasis on the North and South Poles? (Part 1: Page 108)
Is there a Link between Revelation 16 and a coming Comet Strike in 2012? (Part 1: 98)
Who are the Ascended Masters and what is their ultimate objective? (Part 2: Page 20 )
In what way is the Externalisation of the Hierarchy a blueprint to undermine Christianity, Islam and Judaism and Why? (Part 2: Page 17)
Learn about the symbolic link between the "spiral tower" and the use of vortex leylines (Part 2: Page 104)
The beliefs of the Council of Nine in their very own words (Part 2: 34)
Why is the Manchurian Candidate a real possibility with advanced technology today (Part 2: Page 78)

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

There is no beating around the bush or hard sell with this 150 Page report. If you have got this far, its because something deep down inside you is searching for further meaning to the 2012 debate. Could it be that behind the popular media and thousands of websites focusing on 2012, that there is something more sinister at play. A master plan designed to invoke a predicted response from the masses which will in turn help to push forward more quickly a carefully, crafted agenda.

You want a first opportunity to explore unique, well documented, fundamental facts rather than face the speculative amble by many websites on a massively controversial issue.

If you are interested in getting your hand on hard, uncompromising, evidence then you must Act Now as it may only be a matter of time before we are forced to take this Report off the Site. You need to Know the Truth...Fast!....

Click here for Details of How to Obtain It, Literally in Minutes......

P.S. I promise you, you will not have seen anything as detailed as this report on 2012 and the end of the world.
P.P.P.S. When you download the Reports you will also receive 2 free editions of the "award winning" Vision Report Watch Magazine. A premier monthly insight into the "non mainstream news" which is where the real truth is seen regarding the transitioning to the New World Order in the next 4 years.

Click here for Details of How to Obtain It, Literally in Minutes......

Yours Sincerely

Mel Sanger
Author, "2012 - The Year of Project Enoch".

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