Sunday, November 27, 2011

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LiveStreaming from Occupy Philadelphia

UPDATE for occupiers in Philly re: mayor's "must move" threat on Sunday: * 10 am, for those who've been involved in the occupation, meet at Dilworth to prep the plaza
* noon, supporters from OWS and other occupations arrive
* 3 pm, meet at the GA area to go over protest & other plans
* 5 pm, be ready for the eviction
* later Sunday evening, join in jail solidarity, if needed
* 4 pm the day after our eviction, regroup at Rittenhouse Square (i.e., Monday at 4 pm, if we're evicted on Sunday night)
Between now & 5 pm:
* make & bring tons of banners (e.g., "You can't evict an idea whose time has come"), signs, & literature
* convince tons & tons of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, & others to come to OP tomorrow
* bring camera and recorders, to do copwatch & make media (register & post your own media at
* engage in a variety of ways, from helping folks without other homes to relocate, to creatively demonstrating & messaging, to being a witness & standing in solidarity, etc.
* get plenty of sleep & eat well beforehand
* write down the OP legal collective number, 484-758-0488, and know your most basic right--to remain silent
* Friends Center should be open starting at 5 pm at "safe" space for those who need it
For more details, come to OP at 10 am, noon, or definitely by 3 pm., organize through your OP working group or an affinity group, and stay tuned to "Occupy Philadelphia" on Facebook and Stay strong!

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