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Island One Society

Island One Society

an Artemis Society affiliate

Notice: All IslandOne Citizens are Authorized and Encouraged and Required to feed hijackers out the airlock regardless of casualties. Pieces should be no wider than 1 inch across, as is the current approved practice for passengers on American aircraft. Failure to comply may result in your own vacuum experience if anyone is left to eject you.

Please check out Libertarian Samizdata, for views on the news.


Welcome to the Island One Society web pages. Island One is a beast of the information age, a well which is intended as a meeting place for future space colonists and business people of a libertarian or at least live and let live bent. Our name is taken from Dr.Gerard O'Neill's concept for a full fledged L5 Colony, a Bernal Sphere he labeled "Island One".

This is not a membership organization - it is you and I and anyone else who assists in making this server a resource useful for those who will build free societies beyond the Earth. If you have useful reports or documents in electronic form that you feel will be of general interest; if you have suggestions for format changes; if you are artistic or a good ferret and have some nice icons; if you would like to translate important hardcopy space policy, law, study, biographical, or any documents you feel are relevant to free market space activists and are willing to type in, find or translate documents to html, drop us a line at amon@islandone.org or amon@vnl.com.

Particularly high on our wanted list are documents relating to Europe and locations other than the United States.

If you don't know whether you're a libertarian or not, take the World's Smallest Political Quiz and find out (courtesy of the Advocates for Self Government).

Ad Astra and "next year in Island One" -- Dale Amon

Table of Contents

  • Advanced Propulsion Concepts
  • Asteroids and Comets
  • Business and Finance
  • Launch Systems
  • International Space Law
  • Policy and Discussion
  • Politics and Philosophy
  • Creation of Free Settlements
  • Propulsion Systems Artemis Ireland (Chapter home page) --> The Foresight Institute (European Mirror) -->
  • The League of New Worlds (European Mirror)
  • The ISDC History Page
  • The Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group Chapter of the National Space Society
  • Space Digest International Archive
  • Andrew Nowicki's Earth-to-orbit Transportation Bibliography
  • Henry Spencer's Aviation Week Summaries
  • Henry Vanderbilt's Space Access Updates
  • A collection of Space related pointers
  • Free Market Space Yellow Pages Directory
  • The Island One Town Hall
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    Thanks are due to the following for assistance along the way; for allowing the use of their work; for supplying or suggesting materials included (or pending inclusion) in this server; or for donating the web and ftp access or other resources over the years. Webmasters are marked with an asterix:

    Cyberteams Michael Alcorn, QUB Music Dale Amon * David Anderman Ted Anderson Artemis Society International The Atlantis Project Gregory Bennett David L. Burkhead Jonathon Burns Mitchell Burnside Clapp Jim Davidson K. Eric Drexler Bruce Dunn Genesis Project Ltd George Dyson Tihamer Toth-Fejel * The Foresight Institute First Millennial Foundation Mike Flora David Gault, QUB CSD Al Globus Jonathan A Goff * Bill Higgins Joe Hopkins International Space Enterprises (ISE) Zak Jones * Ken Jenks Jordin Kare Tom Kessler Geoffrey A. Landis Marcus Lindroos Scott E. Lowther Martin Lyons Mark Maimone Hans Moravec Thomas McKendree * Eugene Miya NASA (various centers and employees) Ben Muniz Dave Neff Andrew Nowicki * James Oberg Oceania Part Time Models Christine Peterson Queen's University of Belfast, School of Music Queen's University of Belfast, Department of Computer Science Steven S. Pietrobon Charles Radley Dan Roemele * Tom Rogers Allen Sherzer Rand Simberg Declan Stanley Space Access Society Henry Spencer William Stanley Dave Stephenson Henry Vanderbilt  Robert Zubrin Village Networking Ltd Direct Net Access


    Inclusion of names in the preceding list implies no political allegiance or agreement with any particular point of view or policy stated on this server other than that they wish to "open the space frontier". Nor does it imply anything whatsoever about the opinions of their places of employment, parents, spouses, next door neighbors or pet birds.

    Statements such as this are rather silly. Unfortunately this planet is full of very silly people - many of whom have more power than brains. So we'll humour them ... until we leave.

    Information about this server

    Island One resides in Belfast and was the fourth web server to go live on the net from Northern Ireland (the MMSG portion, 19940610), preceded only by the Queens University of Belfast (199401), University of Ulster and Genesis Project Ltd (19940420). The Space Digest Archive portion was available as an ftp site from Queens University of Belfast since 1992-1999. Prior to that they resided at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Both the website and archive are now hosted courtesy of Village Networking Ltd and Direct Net Access of Belfast.

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    Countdown to  Supreme Court
    1997 Houston Space Society Free Space Award
    for Outstanding Free Enterprise Spirit in the Pursuit of Space Settlement
    See also: Cyberspace Declaration of Independance

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