Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anti-Police Brutality Speak-Out and Re-Occupation of Evicted Home

160 E Meehan Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119
Members of the People of Color, Radical Caucus, Legal, Media, Direct Action and other working groups of Occupy Philly (OP) will hold a press conference at 5pm at 160 E. Meehan Avenue on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 to raise awareness of the unlawful and brutal police eviction of the Mason family. The police evicted the Masons without a warrant, attacked and arrested two of Florence Mason’s children, and held them without charges or medical attention for 24 hrs. During this press conference we will continue to help Mrs. Mason in reoccupying her house and in taking the necessary steps to resist further eviction. We will also hold a long list of police officers from the 14th and 35th districts accountable to their actions and demand reparations. While the city government and police currently threatens to forcefully remove the Occupy Philly encampment from City Hall, OP is simultaneously backing up the Mason family in their fight for dignity and justice, both struggles unfolding parallel to each other.

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