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The Roots of Mankind: Human Bloodtypes and Evolution



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The Roots of Mankind

The evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin may be disputed by some, but his basic conclusions are strongly supported by modern scientific studies. It is well known, for example, that the chromosomes of the man-apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, etc.) are very similar to those of man himself, differing in fact only very slightly, and thus suggesting a genetic relationship.


(As a source, you may want to read Dorothy A. Miller, Science magazine, Vol. 198, p. 1116.)



The study of (human) blood is called hematology.


Equally as interesting as chromosomes is an examination of blood types, the so-called ABO alleles and the MN alleles. Most of us, for example, know our blood type in the ABO system, i.e. A-positive, A-negative, B-positive, B-negative, O-positive, O-negative, AB-positive, AB-negative. (The positive or negative refer to the so-called Rhesus factor).


Persons with blood type O are so-called universal donors, since they can give blood to anyone having any of the blood types A, B, O or AB. Persons with blood type AB on the other hand, can give blood only to persons with AB blood type. A person with blood type A can not give blood to a person with blood type B and vice versa.


This means that a Kenyan with blood type A can give blood to a Norwegian with blood type A, but a Norwegian close relative with blood type B can not.

ABO Origins

Given the above facts, blood types AB and O seem to be some form of combination of A+A, A+B or B+B (AB as exclusive and O as inclusive) - whereas A and B themselves appear to be separate original groups. Only if the father and mother are A and B or B and A blood type can the child have any of the human blood groups A, B, AB or O.


This negates current theory that O is the original blood type, especially since the man-apes have little or no O blood type and no AB blood type. A and B are very likely the originals.

The Man-Apes

  • 28 separate studies showed that Chimpanzees have the blood types A and minimal O, but never B.

  • 8 separate studies showed that Gorillas have the blood types B and minimal O, but never A.

  • There is NO blood type AB in either of the man-apes!

    (Jakob Schmitt, Immunbiologische Untersuchungen bei Primaten; S. Karger, New York and Basel, 1968).

But man has both A and B AND blood type AB as well as very much O.


The same holds true for the MN blood type, which is a different blood antigen. Man is both M and N or the combined MN blood type whereas the Chimpanzees and Gorillas react exclusively to these types. (According to Schmitt, the reactions of Chimpanzees are 00.16 to Anti-M human mucous and 10.00 to Anti-N, whereas the figures for Gorillas are exactly the reverse, with 10.00 to Anti-M and 00.64 to Anti-N).

Hence, M and N must have combined.

Charles Darwin (see The Origin of Species) wrote that it,

"was probable that Africa was inhabited by extinct apes closely allied to the gorilla and the chimpanzee; and as these two species are man's nearest allies, it is somewhat more probable that our early progenitors lived on the African continent."

Moreover, as noted by Philip Van Doren Stern, Prehistoric Europe (W.W. Norton & Co., N.Y., 1969, p. 28):

"it is interesting to note that the australophithecines (precursors of man) lived east and south of the area now inhabited by gorillas and chimpanzees."

A + B = You and Me?


Accordingly, I suspect here that we might guess as to who Adam and Eve were, i.e. perhaps man developed on two separate lines from the man-apes or evolved from a combination of these two separate lines somewhere down the road.


Did you make the same connection?


A + B = You and Me

There is good evidence in world blood distribution for two separate groups in human evolution, represented perhaps by Cro-Magnon Man on the one side and Neanderthal Man on the other side.

As noted by Lars Beckman (A Contribution to the Physical Anthropology and Population Genetics of Sweden: Lund, 1959, p. 21):

"The Early European race is characterized by a high per cent of Rh-negatives, a very low B-frequency and a relatively high A2 frequency... probably some connection with postglacial Cro-Magnon Man.... The Asiatic race is characterized by a high frequency of A1 and B and a low frequency of Rh-negatives..." (i.e. perhaps some connection to Neanderthal man).

Please Note: As noted by Herberdt Wendt, (In Search of Adam, Houghton-Mifflin: Boston, 1956) in spite of the historically unfounded and falsely bad reputation of Neanderthal Man, his cranial capacity "was amazingly large, 1300-1650 cc. in comparison with a range of 1100-1700 for modern European males."

The right-handers and the left-handers

Handedness is another point of evidence for two separate groups of Man. Suffice it here to say that Homo erectus, a precursor to man - never found in Europe - was right-handed, as were the Neanderthals. The ancient Cro-Magnon cave painters of Europe were almost certainly left-handed. (See Philip Van Doren Stern, Prehistoric Europe.)


Given this, our view of left-handers, especially in continental Europe, is superstition.

Giants and Dwarfs

In terms of the size of our predecessors, there is also evidence of two groups of human beings in ancient times.


As J. Bronowski wrote in his wonderful book, The Ascent of Man (Little, Brown & Co.: Boston, 1973, p. 38),

"A cousin of man" allegedly "not in the direct line to us, is a heavily-built Australopithecus robustus who is a vegetarian.... His cousin on the line to man is lighter - visibly so in the jaw - and is probably a meat-eater...a small creature standing only four feet high." (Australopithecus africanus)

Herberdt Wendt in his book In Search of Adam (1956. notes 17, p. 362, p. 487) writes in this regard:

"It appeared that in the latest glacial period at least two culturally creative races had lived in Europe... Giants and dwarfs.... They seem to have lived at the same time and in the same places. Which one of them was the real Adam?"

In terms of culture, Philip Van Doren Stern in Prehistoric Europe (1969) writes that,

"There is also an excellent possibility that early Europe was populated at times not only by hand-axe makers but also by a different and more primitive people, the chopper-chopping-tool makers who used chipped pebbles and accidentally produced flakes rather than carefully shaped flint."

Another researcher writes that the cultural record of the Pleistocene is said in fact to show "two cultural traditions", Jacquette Hawkes in Prehistoric Europe (Volume I of UNESCO's History of Mankind: London, 1963).


She states further,

"while later on contacts between the flake-tool and hand-axe makers in Eurasia undoubtedly led to the mingling and transference of cultural traits, there is good reason to believe that at this stage (prior to Neanderthal man) the two people were distinct...."

All of these findings support the speculation of H.V. Vallois that there may indeed have been a "second line" of the evolution of humanity (cited by Wendt, In Search of Adam, p. 362, n. 17).


Wendt himself writes that,

"It seemed as though there had been very strange happenings in the general evolution of humanity before the rise, some 150,000 years ago, of the two clearly distinguishable forms of the typical Neanderthal specimen and the Homo sapiens of the Ice Age. In Palestine... near Nazareth... 18 primitive human remains were unearthed...


They resembled Neanderthal man, but on the one hand their skulls were much more primitive and on the other their limbs were far more modern. A female... was only four feet nine inches long, while a male... was a foot taller. In addition to skulls of Neanderthal type others were found with high foreheads, well rounded occiputs, and pronounced chins."

Spectacular finds of giant-like human skulls were found in Java, leading Franz Weidenreich to publish a theory that a prehistoric race of giants once existed... and that these giants seemed to represent a transitional stage from gorilla to man (Report of May 9, 1944 to the American Ethnological Society: Apes, Giants and Man, Chicago: 1946).

Wendt concludes in In Search of Adam:

"Did early humanity, under the influence of the weather of this fateful epoch, divide into two groups ...?"



The World Distribution of Human ABO Blood Types by Peoples

The charts are based on the figures of L. Beckman

'A Contribution to the Physical Anthropology and Population Genetics of Sweden'

Lund, Sweden, 1959



World Populations and Blood Groups

The study of the antiquity of mankind - that is, YOUR history and mine, is increasingly an interdisciplinary science. The results of one branch of research must bear up to the burden of proof required by the results derived from another branch of study.

For example, whatever the results of linguistic and archaeological research may be, they will be increasingly scrutinized by other branches of science which do not deal in (what is often only) academic opinions, but in irrefutable facts. One such group of facts which relates to the origins and dispersal of mankind and its languages throughout this planet - is blood data.


Theories about ancient cultures and discussion about the migrations of ancient peoples will increasingly have to conform to blood data provided by the physical sciences. We, who live in this world of DNA know that our TRUE history is etched indelibly in our genes - and in this technological age, we are increasingly in a position to read our past simply in our bodily chemistry. Or to put it in other words, we carry the answers to age-old questions about the origins of man WITHIN us.


The so-called "gene pool" is reconstructable far back into the past.

Hence, I provide here a graphic which presents unavoidable FACTS. They are not the opinions of well-meaning scholars nor are they subject to challenge or change. They simply exist.


Hence, theories about ancient cultures and languages which do not conform to these facts CAN NOT be true, and only those which DO conform to these facts CAN be true, although agreement does not guarantee that they ARE true.

Did you try your hand at getting the right solution? How do your numbers read from top to bottom? The odds against you getting them all right are astronomical - unless you are a specialist in the field of blood groups.

The correct solution is, running from top to bottom in the box above: 10-1-11-3-9-6-8-2-5-4-7

There were some surprises, weren't there?

The worst scores were probably obtained by linguists and archaeologists - whose pervading theories simply DO NOT match up with the evidence of the physical sciences. The reason for this is clear. Archaeology forms its theories based on what they dig up and this is a fairly serendipity undertaking, which relies much on chance. Linguistics, up to now, is still in its baby shoes, and many of the so-called "rules" which have developed will one day be put to test in computers - using the hypotheses derived - and I for one, doubt whether many of them will work - at least not in the historical sense.


New directions in e.g. Nostratic support this view.

The dendrite used here is a mathematical method of bringing ALL interrelationships on one contiguous branched line. It shows how far each group of people is from other (i.e. the length of the lines is also mathematically calculated and significant). Dotted lines mean the relationship is clear, but that the exact distance is, as yet, mathematically uncertain.

Here is how the dendrite graph looks like complete:

The completed dendrite tells us clearly how man developed and how he scattered throughout the Earth, starting in Africa, moving northward and then branching to the East and West. Indeed this conforms with topographical data since the Alps and the mountains of Asia presented insurmountable obstacles in ancient times. I.e. the direction of dispersal ran basically across the old Amber Trail, across the flatlands from the Black Sea to the Baltic and from thence in all directions.


This also conforms to the fact that the Baltic languages are the oldest Indo-European tongues - and, since BALT in Latvian means "white" (the old BALT inscriptions in Phoenician are incorrectly transcribed BA'AL), we see here the basic line between the whiter-skinned paled-out races of the north and their darker-skinned neighbors to the south.

The axis lies on the trail from Africa to the BLACK sea and from there to the BALTIC ("sea of the whites"). The Arabs, as shown by the blood data, must then be a mixture of white and African tribes - (as perhaps recounted in the Bible - i.e. Abraham and his 2nd wife.)

Oriental scholars and Egyptologists will eventually have to take these distributions of blood groups into account, especially since the blood groupings of Egyptians and Hebrews simply defy all current academic theories about the origins of the Pharaohs and the Hebrews, so also in linguistics, archaeology, religion and ethnology.


Nothing could be more clear from this data, than that the Hebrews and Egyptians have a nearly common blood origin and that their geographic origin lies in the broad expanses of northern Euroasia, among a people linguistically close and related by blood to the Latvians and the neighboring peoples and dialects.


Or, as stated so often, the key might be found in the Kurgan connection, including Sanskrit, Tocharian, etc.



The government has a facility for clones. The first one was built in the Mount Hood area, about sixty miles east of Portland, Oregon. They have other facilities in other locations. Locations must have stable geomagnetic fields and other special characteristics or the cloning process does not work properly. They can replicate them faster now. They have clones of all the major government figures. This is partly for security reasons. it also creates the situation that when someone falls out of favor, they clone the person and kill the original. This kind of thing apparently happens with some frequency.

There have been allegations by some that Carter and Reagan were replaced.
Yes. I've heard that, but I have no information that says that it happened. Reagan looked a bit funny after his assassination attempt, particularly after he came out of the hospital.

It's curious about the cloning facility in Portland. Were there not reports in the 1960's or 70's about people seeing a spitting image of Hitler there?
Yes. it is curious. There isn't any connection that we can establish, but anything is possible. Hitler could have died as late as 1984. I have heard rumors that he was the top director of the Phoenix project, but those rumors were not considered to have any merit by most people. Eichmann was apparently involved at one point until the Israelis got him. A lot of top level Nazi scientists were involved. There was a man called Huntermann who was the associate director of the project. We wondered if there was anybody above him. There was - a complete collection of pure Nazis at the top. The Germans were also involved in work with the Greys and cloning processes.

Are they Nazis still running things?
I don't know what interconnections they may have today. I have two friends who say opposite things. One says that the Nazis are in charge and the other says that Jewish scientists are in charge. Other people say its MJ-12. Take your pick. I think that they're all involved.

That's very interesting about the duality of the Germans and the Jews. Recently, we received information that these two groups of entities are originally from one source out there somewhere, and that they were banned to this planet to work out their differences. They have apparently always sought to destroy each other ... and they are still doing it on many levels. Everyone else just has to stand by and put up with it, I guess. It just adds to the mess. Orientation of both groups appears to be negatively oriented toward service to self instead of others. There have been things recently said by abductees that indicate that they were taken to joint Nazi-Alien bases were they had swastikas on the walls. This was within the last two years.

Do you remember the Reinhold-Schmidt story? He was a businessman who lived in New Jersey in the 1950's. I finally got a copy of his book. He insisted that one time when he was driving home from work, something went wrong with his car. He was approached by someone and was taken aboard a saucer. All the occupants were dressed in black clothing and talked in German. To him it appeared like they might be Nazis. He wasn't sure but he thought they were. They picked him up by agreement several times thereafter. He began talking about it and he had a visit from government agents who told him to shut up. He insisted. He was picked up and put into treatment in a mental hospital for about four months. When he came out he was a changed man. He died sometime later. Up until he went into the mental hospital, he was insistent on his story. This was approximately 1956. I'm not sure. He was a prominent businessman. It was a sensational story at the time.

It's interesting that you should mention copper based blood before. Aren't the Nordics involved with that?
Yes. Although Nordics are humanoid and externally almost identical to humans. There are subtle differences in the Nordic alien physiology, and most of them are based on the living conditions that they have grown up in. Their planets are extremely hot and dry, and have a low oxygen content in the atmosphere. They have a larger lung capacity than humans and have a copper based blood in order to carry oxygen more efficiently. The eyes are protected by inner lids and can allow them to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. They have only 28 teeth, as they lack a back pair of molars. Their heads are longer than humans. The brain case is about .2 mm thicker and the bone is harder. The brain is the same as the human brain as far as structure and size is concerned, except for the midbrain area, where there are functions that allow telepathic and telekinetic skills. It explains the psionic powers of the Nordics.

They average about 2 meters in height. Females about 1.7 meters. They have no sweat glands. The skin allows moisture to be drawn from the air as well as moisture to penetrate. The heart beats at around 242 beats per minute, and the average blood pressure is 80 systolic and 40 diastolic. They have extremely dilated blood vessels. The heart is located where the human liver would be. The cartilage that would protect a human heart extends down 3.5cm further in the Nordic in order to protect this structure. Blood cells are biconvex in contrast to the concave cells of humans. Kidney type functions only allow about half the liquid consumed to be excreted. The rest is evidently put back into the system. Urine is thick with minerals and appears in color and texture to freshly pumped crude oil. Feces are dry pellets with all moisture removed. The adult Nordic can regulate the amount of adrenalin in their body. They have no pineal gland. Nordic females are capable of being impregnated at any time, but the males are capable of impregnation about once a year. The period of incubation is three to five months.

What about the Sirians?
Well, we are finding out that they are seemingly involved in the Dark Side activities with abductees along with the Greys and elements of the US military and intelligence forces. We are finding out that Reich programming is currently being used as of December 1990 on abductees. This is a direct outgrowth of work at Montauk. The Sirians are usually described as about 6 feet tall, blond hair cut very short, and blue eyes that have a cat's eye vertical pupil. They're negatively oriented. I have been working on a case where this 21 year old woman has had contact with them, the last time being in December 1990. The beings present were the short little helpers that the Greys use; the ones that wear hooded cloaks.

There were Grey clones, tall Greys, Sirians and US military personnel of some description. The woman had her breasts and other body parts hooked up to some machine that maintained her in a pre-orgastic state while they used inculcation bars with red and blue lights to aid in the programming. When she does something they don't like, they take her out of her body and stick her in this black box, where there is terrible loneliness and isolation.


She really broke down when she was describing that, saying that she didn't want them to put her back in the box. They evidently told her that if she talked too much they were going to do that. On the lighter side, she has also had contact with positive groups. There has been some discussion as to whether these negative Sirians are part of the Kamagol II group that built the records chamber under Giza, but that has not been established. The negative Sirians are considered part of the Orion group that is playing the domination/control game.

Is there some significance to the red and blue lights in the inculcation bar?
The lights on the bar are of special frequencies. Pulsing of these lights is often combined with sonic patterns to virtually reprogram the mind of the individual. This kind of activity has been going on for tens of thousands of years. Why do you think that the Orion based groups that control today's society use red and blue on police car lights? Its very restimulative and many people have buried memories of programming sessions that have occurred through their various lives. The result is fear and negative emotional response. It appears that during the last 40 years there have been a lot of people that have been incarnating that were on one side or the other in Nazi Germany, and we are finding a lot of abductees that have memories of the Greys during that period. Sometimes they find that they are dealing with the same exact beings they dealt with in another lifetime. Of course, we know that abductions also follow multi-generational patterns. It all ties together.

There have been some that have said that Hitler was connected into things in terms of the Aryan race and ET's. What is the story behind that?
Well, Hitler spend a lot of time in libraries before his mother died, and he was convinced that the white race was going to be squeezed out of existence in another 75 years. He decided that he was going to be the defender of the Aryan race. This was back before World War One. He was also relating this to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, where in the 24th protocol it says that the white race will be destroyed by genetic inter-marriage. He wanted to stop the trend. He became interested in metaphysics.


The Dark Side involvement began after a bout with peyote before World War One and his involvement with the Thule Society, which was connected to Aleister Crowley and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England. Hitler also adopted the idea of fighting the communists, because the communists were just about ready to take over Germany. There were not Greys around in large numbers but they were there. The Germans were involved with alien technology. They had one version with electromagnetic drive. They had jet aircraft in 1943. They had nuclear weapons but Hitler did not use them. Mind control research was ongoing.

Getting back to present day, what do you think about the idea that the Saudi government is being bankrupted by the US?
Well, the Rockefeller group sold the Saudis 30 year notes back in the 1960's. They are coming due. The Saudis want to get out of the paperwork nightmare so they won't lose all their money. The Rockefeller banks were going to declare bankruptcy, so the Saudis said they would pull all their investments out of the United States and collapse the economy totally. The United States backed down and that is the reason why there is all that forgiveness of debt business going on. It was done with Bushes authority. The Saudis were satisfied. Now the problem with Iraq arises.


The Israelis have refused to carry out the deals they have made about leaving the west bank area. Hussein is saying that if the United States can convince Israel to do that for the Palestinians, then he will walk out of Kuwait. That will defuse the entire Middle East situation. January 15th is the apparent deadline date. There are people in government that are crazier than Hussein. As of early December 1990, a contract already exists with Flora Construction company to rebuild Kuwait, so its going to happen anyway.

Does Iraq have nuclear devices?
I'm not sure. They were stealing trigger devices for quite a while before the government found out about it and started substituting non-functional ones. It's believed that they do. The Iraqis are also said to have devices that had their origin in Nazi Germany, such as the air-fuel bomb, which will "turn the air to fire" and suffocate American troops. There is a concern that he will also use chemical weapons. The United States used chemical weapons in Korea and Vietnam. If Iraq uses them, the United States will respond with devastating force. It would be a good time for the secret government to bring out their disks and impersonate alien species in an attempt to pacify the planet. When the United States wins the conflict, it will produce potential problems for years.

It is seen as the only option. They could impose this in a pseudo-religious way in an attempt to unify religious groups that are on "holy war" campaigns. Either way, presence of .. "an apparently benevolent technology" would cause a peaceful unification. Presence of "an apparent malevolent technology" would achieve the same thing, but with a negative unification based on fear. There are again another aspects to the middle east scenarios. One aspect is that the middle east represents an annoying delay to the secret government that has been caused by Iraq. This delay could affect certain types of agenda. Another aspect is that since the US basically controls the planet, all this is a sham for the public - to keep humans up tight, in fear, and at each others' throats it could be reflective of what is ultimately an Orion based agenda. It is a matter of record that flying disks have been seen in all wars and conflicts.

How about the Congress? Are they aware of the alien and drug things that are going on?
Some of them are, but they are turning their heads because they want to collect their retirement. They're just hoping the government will be solvent when they get to that point. There is no question that as we enter 1991, many agendas will accelerate and many hands will be forced.

Are the men in black residents of Earth?
The group is an off-world one. They monitor conditions on the planet. They are not physical beings, but they can become solid.

Do the black helicopters have anything to do with the MIB?
No. They are managed by the Army. It is a super secret group that have bases all over the United States. They have one near Sedona. They have one in Connecticut and in Newark, New Jersey. The helicopters have no markings and are used for operations involving drug smuggling, mutilations and security for alien related operations and projects. Obviously, it's all illegal as hell, and they have been getting away with it for 40 years.

What about the subliminal programming that happens with television?
The FCC "ruled" years ago that it was illegal, but it never stopped. You find it more common on cable TV. There are using subliminal conditioning on all cable networks. They use it to emphasize different elements of what you are seeing around you. People end up being brainwashed and stay ignorant.

What are some of the capabilities they have?
The government has vans that drive around that are capable of complete mind disruption. They have used it before to kill a man in his house in fifteen minutes. All it takes is four helicopters flying in tandem to completely mentally wreck a city if they have those pods on them. The pods are an outgrowth of the Phoenix project. They, can produce heavy mood control over a city. They are going into areas beyond the electromagnetic. They are trying to increase the stress level in the population. It is no secret that Bechtel was laying cables under major metropolitan areas several years-ago, claiming that it was being laid for "others" whom they wouldn't reveal. It had nothing to do with electric, telephone or cable TV.

What is another possibility as to why the death of the father of the One World government failed to produce the dematerialization of the future leader of the One World government?
This seeming paradox can be better explained this way: The people who went back and tried to kill the father were successful but the son still lived. This is all related to the Grandfather Paradox. The truth of the matter is that they prevented the birth of the leader of the One World government not in the time stream where the existing person was born but in a parallel one where he never existed in the first place. It existed before and after the effort to kill the father; the parallel time stream also exists where the Germans overtly won the second world war.


There are differing but parallel interrelated worlds and universes, each having an endless number of streams relating to individual entities. These streams are ultimately expressed as different patterns and outcomes for the same entity depending on the level of expression for the entity at any one time. All divergent entities are part of the one reality which is the all embracing unity. The varied potential tracks all exist as one unified central force. The parallel tracks that exist in our universe, depending upon which one of them is taken, will determine the ultimate outcome for the individual entity, and this can change.

What is the actual nature and purpose of the Orion group?
Basically, the purpose of the Orion group is enslavement and conquest. Their objective is to locate certain individuals who vibrate in resonance with their own vibrational complex and manipulate them. There is a concept called spiritual entropy which apparently causes them to experience constant disintegration of their social memory complexes. They do follow the Law of One but observe free will according to service to self. Those on the enslaved planet then disseminate the attitudes and philosophy which is service to self. These individuals become the "elite". Through the elite, the attempt begins to create a condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their free will.

That seems like what is happening on the planet right now, especially in the United States.

Why don't they just come down in force instead of using the back door, as it were?
Well, they could. A mass landing would create a loss of polarization due to the infringement on the free will of the planet. If the planet were then conquered and became part of the Empire, the free will would then be reestablished. The way they are doing it is characteristic of the Orion group - to have others do their dirty work for them, including humans. That way, the abridgement of free will is not so obvious. It didn't help the situation when agreements were made with different alien species. It didn't matter that the agreements were made with groupings of humans that did not represent the wishes of the mass consciousness. The technical fact of the agreement allowed a lot of action that was negatively polarized. The Orion group specifically targets civilizations before they become a social memory complex.

What does it mean to have a society with a social memory?
Well, a social complex consisting of individual entities becomes a social memory complex when it adopts one orientation or seeking in a specific direction. When this happens, the group memory that was not available to individuals becomes known. The advantage of a social memory complex is the relative lack of distortion.

What does polarization mean for an individual entity?
Generally, entities can have little or no polarization, positive polarization or negative polarization. A positively polarized entity will select a path embodying service to others. An entity choosing negative polarization would focus on service to self. A negative polarization involves the elements of control and repression. For example, a negatively polarized entity would seek separation from and control over others by sexual means and have the idea of power as an end. The negatively oriented entity will program for maximum separation from and control over all entities which it perceives as being other than itself.

Are not all humans, for example, expressions of each other?
Well, yes. Entities will eventually realize that their actions on other selves are actually being done to themselves, since the consciousness present in each entity is a variation on the same thing. The individuation is present to allow maximum differentiation of potentiality and creation.

Many people have been discussing the idea that we are going into fourth density. What does that mean?
Basically another general vibratory rate. It also relates to the realization that one is not separate from the creator. It is that kind of spectrum which has been called by the Christians as the "second coming". The second coming is a state of being, not an individual arriving and establishing a power hierarchy.

When will this be completed?
Well, entities on this planet should make the attempt to polarize in terms of what excites them no later than 1993, or it will be harder to do so. Polarization can be positive or negative. Generally, the fourth density is much more full of life. Entities must still care for their physical vehicles. It is also a density where compassion, understanding and love are more predominant. Full conversion to fourth density will occur between 2003 and 2013.

Its interesting that according to the mathematics behind the I Ching, everything goes jackpot around 2012.
Yes. Nothing will be the same on Earth. It is changing right now. What we are seeing is basically the death of the third density way of life.

Does density level refer to polarization?
An entity can be negatively polarized and in fourth density, but it is an intense struggle because of the development of telepathic functions. If there is a place in which fourth density negative entities have established a power structure, then there is more use of the concept of mind control in order to keep the negative structure from conversion to positive orientation.

What about the upcoming geological changes? How does that relate to all of this?
The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum. The time/space continuum has put Earth and that star system into that type of vibration. This causes electromagnetic realignments within the body of the planet. The energies and collective thought forms of the population also disturb the energy patterns of the planet. Geological changes accompany transition between densities. At this point we are in the last 20 years at the end of a cycle which has lasted 75,000 years.

Anything more about fourth density?
The majority of the Orion group are of fourth density. Some are positively oriented toward service to others, but most that are concerned with the current situation are negatively polarized and playing the domination game. Entities on Earth following any religion or no religion at all will move into fourth density if they are that vibration. Entities not at fourth density vibration will remain at third density vibration and will move to other locations to continue third density life until their vibrational level increases and polarizes in time with a cycle of density movement. The polarization can be positive or negative.

How does the idea of a higher self relate to densities?
In terms of an entity perceiving through as linear time structure, the higher self exists in sixth density and functions in the entities "future". One interesting aspect of it is that the entity who is perceiving the higher self manifestation is actually a thought form materialized by the "higher self" itself. Entities in these terms are actually a complex composed of what they perceive to be "mind", "body", and "spirit". These complexes can occur within single entities or groups, depending on the specific space/time conditions. The higher self is that self which exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of that entity.


At one point, the entity perceives a lower self and a higher self. They are not actually there "simultaneously"; functions of the higher self interact from a position in development which equates to the linear "future" of the entity, as perceived by an entity in this state. Obviously, cultural conditioning encourages development of impotent states of mind where the "lower self" is in control and the "higher self" is reached very little or totally ignored. There is no synthesis that will permit the energy of the intelligent matrix to flow correctly.

How are the cultural states of mind organized? How do they fill the needs of the Orion group and the Brotherhood?
Well, start with the prime factor of body identification. The society promotes the concept of "you are your body", which results in fear, especially fear of "death", which is tied in with the idea of physical pain. Combine this with religious doctrine and various cultural ideologies, and you have a very fertile ground for manipulation.


There is also promotion of identification with the personality and ego. The ego is culturally conditioned to a reactionary state which is encouraged by media and literature to focus on the elements of security, sensation and power. Under these circumstances, individuals are basically disempowered and blind. In terms of cultural activity, individuals are put in a position where they spend most of their time dealing with "self preservation", "self-gratification", and "self-definition".

These functions are basically left hemisphere related. The ego structure often becomes fragmented into "partial selves", making the problem even worse. What is missing is the love of truth, life, and the creator that we are all a part of. The idea is to transform "self-preservation" into right action, "self-gratification" into right feeling, and "self-definition" into right thought. This is not probable in the Orion based culture in which we reside if the missing elements are not introduced.


What will help to introduce it is the quickening of the vibrational resonance as we move into the fourth density, and what we are seeing around us is the desperation of the negative forces as they grapple for position and control. The alien agendas are beyond secret government manipulation, and at this time they are very worried. That is why the mind control technology has been developed and implemented - to make sure that they can try and preserve control over the population.

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