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Rh Negatives ARE NOT yours to SELL @Firetown

Rh Negatives ARE NOT Shape Shifters, ARE NOT Reptilians, Are NOT Demons!

by firetown,
November 13th 2010

The following article has been reprinted with permission by the authors of USWGO:

Brian has given me this opportunity to speak because he too does not tolerate the fact that people may be targeted because of the Rh negative blood type. Also anyone related to the Jews is now possibly under attack because of a few evil elite Jews. Because a few elite are Jewish does not mean all Jews are evil. Heck back during the days of slavery Africans were also labeled as demons or bad and so this is just another discriminative label being put on human beings just because of their blood type now instead of color of skin.

I know people who are Rh Negative that never drink blood, never shape shifted (if you think they would most would want to look like models), and never act as a half demon beast. I think David Icke is wrong about Rh Negatives and Jews being evil. Also there has been talk about Mormons being evil and so are the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The truth of the matter is yes there is a evil elite attempting to dominate the world, they want to loot everyone and rule over us BUT the elite is entirely NOT rh negatives.
We as human beings should NEVER pull a witchhunt over somebodies blood type. We are all humanoid beings and just because somebody has a different blood type or is a dissident does not mean we need to target people and kill them over their blood types.
RH Negatives are different then humans with the Rhesus Monkey Genes but all Rh Negatives are like the rest of human beings. All Intelligent beings are capable of both good and evil. Never judge somebody by their blood type, color of skin, or even their religious belief because the minute we do we will all be executed at a Concentration (FEMA) camp and there will be no hope except for Rh negatives to kill themselves with any weapons they got. We do not need a witchhunt right now because they would make humanity no different then tyranny if people will eventually kill each other over blood types.
I know people are mad at their government I know people are angry at the Corporations as well as the banks but anyone in any bloodline that is connected with George W. Bush or Barack Obama is NOT all Illuminati and does not belong to a secret society. We must stand up for the rights of all human beings and we do not need to go backwards. Even Martin Luther King Jr. said that we are all brothers and sisters. We all have our missions in life and we all have our paths to take. We do not need mass murder or mass extermination of people because of their Nationalities, blood types, or even religious views. We are not a nation of murderers or inhumane psychopaths. If we let David Icke continue to attack Jews and let his followers attack Rh Negative blood types go unchecked then we will see mass exterminations and friends divided just because of a stupid blood type. Stop the lies! Stop the deceit! David Icke is not Jesus Christ and he is just the same as other people except he has lied about Rh Negatives and certain religious people. We need to stand up as human beings against any forms of discrimination because there has been a lot of racial mixing going on so probably a majority of Americans are RH Negative or carriers of Rh Negative.
This is my open statement to David Icke, Leave the Jews and Rh Negatives alone and go fight the real bad guys!


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