Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From: "Elisheva Wiriaatmadja" ELoHim

From: "Elisheva Wiriaatmadja" <>
Date: July 16, 2011 5:51:15 AM CDT
To: "'Elyssa Durant'" 
Subject: RE: ELOHIM

Hello Elyssa...

Thank you for reaching out to contact me. Very nice of you.

As for Firetown, yes, he's been using my Skype. At first I let him do that to
call Micah, his daughter, so he can do that for free.

But then he used it to call other girls... anyways, I prefer not to rehash old
stuff. All is in the past and forgiven and forgotten.

Hope you are well and all the best to you.

Yes I heard you were of the Elite's descent... :)

Elisheva Wiriaatmadja

Skype: elishevadpw
Phone: +62-817-017-1111

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From: Elyssa Durant []
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2011 12:30 PM
Subject: ELOHIM

From: Elyssa Durant
Subject: ELOHIM

Message Body:
This is actually a lovely post and I truly feel sorry for you that Firetown
has been using your account to call me on Skype.

He also calls me, ELI probably so he doesn't get confused.

yes, ELOHIM.

A friend who spent many years in Israel and I discussed ELOHIM just yesterday.
I too was named in that same tradition.

ELite [family chosen by God]

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