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Who is Elyssa Durant??


I’m not really sure what her infatuation is with my piece on Joseph K Black or care enough to look at if there is any affiliation. She either has some serious problems or BlackBerg Security Sucks at background checks too.

The websites (not that I dug deep, cause I don’t care enough to)

From this photo ID posted on her Picasa, you would probably assume she might have some emotional problems. Why else would she post a photo id of herself with her social security number clearly on the front (Notice my Blur Skillz). As a Security Professional, I just can’t bring myself to post it on my site.

Elyssa before you go blabbing I hacked your blah blah blah. The original and much much more can be found on your own Picasa site

It also seems that you might have some emotional issues, as a quick check to validate the number listed on your ID pulled up what appears to be something officially describing your situation. Please Go away now! Thanks

Original Page:

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What they don't tell you is that two days prior my email was hacked and in order to get
Password reset I had to email photo Identification to the help desk. 

The social security document was sent via email from my fathers cell from Germany. My
Cell phone was hacked. Prolly to gain access to some of my father's notorious clients including Whistleblower for CFTC GATA to the tune of $10.86 billion in fraud for offshore accounts HSBC London. 

Madoff and other Banksters including politicians, Milken, Drexel, and the "Crime that won't go down" MOVE bombing and police corruption in the 39th district under Drug Czar Bill Bennett, Mayor Frank Rizzo and Mayor Wilson Goode. Five Squad. 

July 23, 2011
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