Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Dose: July 22, 2011 Another Eulogy

ATTENTION FOLLOWERS: it looks like my twitter feed is about to be #pwned for what it is worth, twitter saved my life in the months after the shooting. II had no one ti talk to no one to call, but I always had someone to tweet half way around the world. are more important than my memories or my sanctuary.

Thank you for staying with me all these years, but i need to take a humane moment to shed some tears. Apparently these SOC alled advocates for free speech don't think my voice is worth listening to. They are actively destroying my blogs my websites and our libraries. All that work, and now this?


I was so close to getting that book deal. I even filed the paperwork. SO FUCK! You have these discussions as if I am their to even defend myself. You have trampled upon the essential freedoms of democracy and natural law rights for what?

For "Lulz" I have put up with so many hostile and vicious attacks for speaking my mind. Isn't ironic that a non op thinks that they have the right to silence any voice of dissent because they alone are the sole judge and jury. Rather than spreading democracy or providing an outlet for voices across the globe they have chosen to silence the voices of dissent. Voices like mine... their methods are despicable. Bribery, extortion, threat, lies, blackmail and now this.



This is a disgusting excuse for a cuntry. They WILL have take my right to free speech, if not by coercion, intimidation and fear, then by force. FUCK YOU AMERIKA. I hope you die!

Let the war begin. Planet earth is not worth saving. Now get me the fuck of here.

I'll beam myself up if i have to. I am done trying to enlighten the humanoids. My work here is done.

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