Sunday, July 24, 2011


JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/21/11 20:31
@yo9fah Uhm I hate cats, but that is wrong #hack
George (@yo9fah)
7/21/11 20:28
@jadedsecurity Hey Boris: How to deactivate a cat‏ #hack:
JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/21/11 20:27
@barnsniper @Abhaxas @x25princess Drugs and alcohol can make any chica hot
Jeanie (@barnsniper)
7/21/11 20:26
@Abhaxas @jadedsecurity @x25princess ! *HOT* dude can make any chica hot!
abhaxas (@Abhaxas)
7/21/11 20:21
@jadedsecurity @barnsniper @x25princess 3somes are fine as long as the 2 chicks are hot
JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/21/11 20:19
@barnsniper @Abhaxas @x25princess Oh i know... They keep trying to pull the menage thing :x
Jeanie (@barnsniper)
7/21/11 20:14
@jadedsecurity @Abhaxas & @x25princess are talking a Vegas hookup!!
JadedSecurity √ (@jadedsecurity)
7/21/11 20:12
Bored... SOmeone amuse me ;)

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