Saturday, July 23, 2011

Conversation with @cliffsull

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Nite night. I know.  Wasn't very covert with drew but he is messing w yagbebi now.

Mon May 23 01:23:19 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
Am 'signing out' - its 2 am - chat tomorrow !

Mon May 23 00:55:48 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
Black n Berg - they don't 'add up' from what I've looked at. Seem very fishy

Mon May 23 00:54:21 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Ray Beckerman TheFeeg are really nuts. They RT FreeGary but harrass me. Feeg is cyberstalking my website after I blocked him. Fuckin' nasty

Mon May 23 00:52:33 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
I have hundred involved. From australia to netherlands to Russia and more. That's why I took job w Black & Berg. I needed protection. ;-)

Mon May 23 00:51:16 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
And fourthly - FUCK THEM ALL ! threatening women makes my blood boil - if u have the threattweet - forward to me plz!

Mon May 23 00:49:56 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
She's talking with him right now. You are right about psy war but they REALLY want me well, dead. USA has Israel Mossad here to do dirty wk

Mon May 23 00:49:25 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
Thirdly - send me twit users you think are 'involved' will see what comes up in my back-office databases (terabytes of tweets)

Mon May 23 00:48:44 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
Secondly - YOU have the power in your mind - don't give it to their psyche war - its your power!

Mon May 23 00:46:47 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
Otherwise you'll be jumping at shadows and 'seeing things' in your mind which are unrelated - but you'll associate with 'fear'

Mon May 23 00:45:49 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Beckerman- beware. He is Zionist. He sends dms telling me' to stfu. O said no, my acct gets hacked. They suspended tweetstorm acct @SpottyX

Mon May 23 00:42:48 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
I get a lot of threats. A LOT. They want me' to stfu about Israel & US making deals. Because I'm Jewish they don't like me to call them out

Mon May 23 00:41:34 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
They want me to join Mossad. I said no fucking way. My dad is cybercrimes expert so I called on Friday to let him they are harassing me. :-/

Mon May 23 00:39:37 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Yes bit still plays footsie w this fucker. You don't play w the JIDF. They are really bad- like Mossad bad. They have been after me 4 months

Mon May 23 00:38:31 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Yeah. "when we come to kill you, be prepared because we are really good at terrorizing." manatrue "haha" NOT haha there was israel van outside

Mon May 23 00:36:25 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
I'm planning to come to UK. Manatrue is kinda fucked up. She is good friends w/ drewp83 telaviv terrorist. but man, some of them are scary

Thu May 19 19:47:54 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
It's worse than I imagined. It's BAD. Wow. Took screen clips. They are working in "cells" and hashtag everything freegary. Some aiming 4 me2

Thu May 19 19:40:14 2011

Cliff O'Sullivan (@cliffsull)
- its being monitored on this end too ;)

Thu May 19 13:05:33 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Just want to give you heads up. They use me and they use #FreeGary to gain access. I identified 2 in last tweet. SASrief? Be weary! Kk? 8-/

Thu May 19 13:03:40 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
They are using AnonOps to create "plausible deniability" for serious #BlackHat hacking - like stuxnet level. I'm keeping list. And blocking

Thu May 19 13:00:59 2011

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
Hey, cliffy! Heads up. The project I'm working on- I'm seeing ALOT of "disinfo / covert operatives" using #FG campaign 2 infiltrate #CHAOS

Thu May 19 12:59:33 2011

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