Sunday, July 24, 2011

Conversation Lamo v Manning (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 19:01
@schuetzdj I believe the ends justify the means, but situationally. Certainly not an absolute.
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 18:56
@attritionorg Anyway, we disagree and that's okay. But I was struck by the "ends justify the means" bit. Gives me something to contemplate. (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 18:46
@schuetzdj read that line again. ".. & enjoy a modicum of legal protection." and later "i told you, none of this is for print."
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 18:26
@attritionorg I guess I don't really feel like he lied. He said "journalist & minister" once, but neither pushed the matter after that. (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 18:11
@schuetzdj You call Lamo untrustworthy and convicted hacker, yet you defend his actions in lying to Manning. Odd
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 18:10
@attritionorg Manning was a dumb kid who knew what he'd done was wrong & trusted in someone demonstrably untrustworthy. Dunno. We differ. :) (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 18:04
@schuetzdj You sound like a "ends justify the means 100% of the time" kind of guy.
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 18:02
@attritionorg That may be. I let myself get drawn out too much -- my point is it's irrelevant to me. (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 17:59
@schuetzdj That is the point. He is sleazy and did it for his own desire to be in the spotlight, something he has craved for years.
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 17:57
@attritionorg Could be also that he didn't know what he was in for at that stage. Or maybe he's sleazy & did it for himself. No diff to me. (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 17:54
@schuetzdj Standard procedure for .. LE or a PI. It isn't standard for a journalist to do so with intent to publish despite promises.
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 17:51
@attritionorg What Lamo did may seem sneaky, or just plain wrong, but "gaining trust to get suspect to tell all" is standard procedure. (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 17:47
@schuetzdj Except where he lied about being a journalist and minister, and used it to get Manning to share personal information.
David Schuetz (@schuetzdj)
7/17/11 15:48
@attritionorg Manning (may) have confessed to spying. Lamo turned him in. I don't give a damn about motivation, it was right thing to do. (@attritionorg)
7/17/11 15:12
Hacker Who Turned in Bradley Manning Is a Bigger Scumbag Than We Imagined -

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. 

United States of America 

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