Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Conversation @caninewoof Travis

@ElyssaD™ (@ElyssaD)
7/19/11 1:54 AM
You awake?
caninewoof (@caninewoof)
7/18/11 9:07 PM
That's cool, hope that you have a better day tomorrow
@ElyssaD™ (@ElyssaD)
7/18/11 6:32 PM
Haven't been on FB or linked in
Travis (@caninewoof)
7/18/11 5:11 PM
If you want to add me to FB: http://t.co/VL2wqLm
@ElyssaD™ (@ElyssaD)
7/18/11 1:42 PM
Later. Public feed is hot right now. A list
caninewoof (@caninewoof)
7/18/11 1:06 PM
I'm curious about leather culture and been into kink for about a year. Anyway we saw to people get naked, wrapped up, and then ice cubes...
@ElyssaD™ (@ElyssaD)
7/18/11 1:04 PM
caninewoof (@caninewoof)
7/18/11 1:04 PM
We meet at Ben and Jerry's and talked then went to the Club. The Tarheel Leather Club were having a meeting & we both were interested in it

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