Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Next Tweet Long Island, NY

Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:58 PM
@systemError2011 It's sad to see the people this system cranks out, where we're told war is peace.
Whitey Rabbers (@systemError2011)
5/23/11 10:56 PM
@MoxAmok Yeah, you see, any talk against the war is against the troops. I am a traitor you know.
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:54 PM
@systemError2011 I don't get it, was he offended by your post/tweet?
Whitey Rabbers (@systemError2011)
5/23/11 10:47 PM
@MoxAmok Worste part is he is a brother in law. And posted it on FB. NOT COOL.
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:46 PM
@systemError2011 Seriously? Who picks a fight in favor of DU? Some people.
Whitey Rabbers (@systemError2011)
5/23/11 10:45 PM
@MoxAmok Some dude got mad at me when I spoke out against Depleted Uranium. Always gonna be some douche bag who doesn't like what you say.
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:34 PM
@systemError2011 I think about everything. I think this is the first time I thought about followers enough to talk about it. @JDenigma
Whitey Rabbers (@systemError2011)
5/23/11 10:32 PM
@MoxAmok @JDenigma You guys think about your followers? Strange. ;)
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:28 PM
@JDenigma Yeah, I do have a desire to please followers that grows with their number, so I get that.
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/23/11 10:24 PM
@moxamok I just have wanted my twitter account to be like a news feed for ppl & that can be really demanding & take up your time
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:20 PM
@JDenigma I use that at work. It has a few feature I wish were included in the air app, but it's mostly crap.
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/23/11 10:18 PM
@MoxAmok Sorry, hold on, my tweetdeck app in Chrome is being a pain in the ass. I can hardly do anything as it's slowing to a crawl
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:15 PM
@JDenigma Noticed those too (schedulers), haven't looked into them yet.
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/23/11 10:11 PM
@MoxAmok It's because I'm trying to schedule news tweets w/ an automatic scheduler for tweeting
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:08 PM
@JDenigma Sounds like a good method. Catch you later.
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/23/11 10:06 PM
@MoxAmok @peterradzio Ok guys, I think I'm out again. I was only planning on briefly stopping by :-) I pla… (cont)
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 10:00 PM
@JDenigma Thought that was a clever trick when they're all related!
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/23/11 9:59 PM
@MoxAmok Ha, you killed 3 birds w/ 1 tweet there ;-)
Matthew Desjardin (@MoxAmok)
5/23/11 9:58 PM
@FreedomFW Haha, nice. @JDenigma So true. @mantis8585 Peace.
Freedom Fort Wayne (@FreedomFW)
5/23/11 9:57 PM
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