Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monarch Key #CI Report #USA

Jokerswild (@_deadreckoning_)
5/26/11 6:40 PM
@JDenigma @_cromcruach @free_speech_20 @mikethetrucker7 @awesomejon37 @mantis8585 @elyssad I'd never join a club that would have me!
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/26/11 6:37 PM
@_deadreckoning_ @_cromcruach @free_speech_20 @mikethetrucker7 @awesomejon37 @mantis8585 Hey,welcome to the @elyssad club :-)
Jokerswild (@_deadreckoning_)
5/26/11 6:36 PM
@JDenigma @_cromcruach @free_speech_20 @elyssad remember it could be someone's dog on the otherwise or an agent provocateur.
Josh (@JDenigma)
5/26/11 5:51 PM
@_cromcruach Hey @free_speech_20 is here. Let's send him over to @elyssad where he can share gossip about Big Sis

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M. αδψ

Intelligence Analyst
Black CoOperations
Black & Berg CyberSecurity, LLC

HATE Highest Anti Terror Effort

Forgive typos! iBLAME iPhone

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