Thursday, May 26, 2011

Conversation Report #CI #USA #Knights #Anarchists #Occult

BrazenAnarchist (@mikethetrucker7)
2011-05-26 15:35
@AwesomeJon37 she's doing pretty good at that :-D
Jon Page (@AwesomeJon37)
2011-05-26 15:30
@mikethetrucker7 Nah lol. Cthulhu is HP Lovecraft...some "new and edgy" chaos mages do magic based on his stor… (cont)
BrazenAnarchist (@mikethetrucker7)
2011-05-26 15:23
@AwesomeJon37 Scientology?
Jon Page (@AwesomeJon37)
2011-05-26 15:21
@mikethetrucker7 I had one dude unfollow me over that...I told him if he couldn't explain his grand plans I wo… (cont)
BrazenAnarchist (@mikethetrucker7)
2011-05-26 15:15
@AwesomeJon37 I could see that. With her, you can't even have a normal conversation.
Jon Page (@AwesomeJon37)
2011-05-26 15:10
@mikethetrucker7 I've seen a few people in the occult with that post and large they are full of ran… (cont)
BrazenAnarchist (@mikethetrucker7)
2011-05-26 15:05
@AwesomeJon37 I figured with your mystical skillz, you'd be the one to ask...I think she's fracking nuts personally.
Jon Page (@AwesomeJon37)
2011-05-26 15:02
@mikethetrucker7 Noooooo fucking idea. She might be trying some sort of magical idea, or she might be crazy… (cont)
BrazenAnarchist (@mikethetrucker7)
2011-05-26 14:49
@AwesomeJon37 do you understand this? || RT @ElyssaD @d_isz  I know you can't see that but it is symbol "ra… (cont)

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

United States of America

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