Thursday, May 26, 2011

Conversation "God and Universe" lmao

Jon Page (@AwesomeJon37)
2011-05-26 15:29
@MoxAmok @freedomfw And when you know yourself, you know God and the Universe :)
Mox (@MoxAmok)
2011-05-26 15:22
@AwesomeJon37 @freedomfw I've said it before; the biggest problem in the world is an existential one. How ca… (cont)
Jon Page (@AwesomeJon37)
2011-05-26 15:19
@MoxAmok @freedomfw AKA Know Thyself :)
Mox (@MoxAmok)
2011-05-26 15:15
Transcend your bullshit! RT @AwesomeJon37: @MoxAmok @freedomfw I know ^^ It's a human issue...the trick is to transcend your bullshit :D

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

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