Monday, April 18, 2011


MerlinTM (@MerlinTM)
2011-04-18 22:36
@phoenixemk Studying conspiracy theories will drain your energy until you can learn how to step back and laugh out loud at the evil rodents.
e k (@phoenixemk)
2011-04-18 22:21
@MerlinTM Still, I feel I'm becoming aware when it's media gatekeepers. I've never been self-confident & my will/resolve's weak right now.
MerlinTM (@MerlinTM)
2011-04-18 22:13
@phoenixemk I don't know anything. I just like to theorize. It is a sick and very demented hobby of mine. I should collect stamps instead.
e k (@phoenixemk)
2011-04-18 22:06
@ElyssaD I still have a long way to go. I'm nowhere at the lvl of confident discernment of either you or @MerlinTM. Got overloaded today.
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-04-18 21:59
@MerlinTM @phoenixemk I'm so glad you two connected! That makes me happy :))
MerlinTM (@MerlinTM)
2011-04-16 23:32
@phoenixemk Most people naively believe that FEMA simulations are to protect communities, when they're "testing the waters" before an event.
e k (@phoenixemk)
2011-04-16 23:29
@MerlinTM They simulated a tornado had gone through my h.s. & I had been painted with a fake broken-in forehead as a sophomore!
MerlinTM (@MerlinTM)
2011-04-16 23:26
@phoenixemk I've seen FEMA drills before. They put makeup and torn clothing on volunteers and put them in various locales to simulate event.
e k (@phoenixemk)
2011-04-16 23:19
@MerlinTM There's also that New Madrid FEMA drill? Could they be prepping for that as well, or is it a distraction?

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.

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