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OSINT Links Table from Ben Benavides


DNI OSINT Epitaph at 2008-08-15

Links That Are NOT Included in LIBRARY Document.

2009-04-23 OSINT Links Table from Ben Benavides

Ben Benavides, now retired from the Army, has offered up his OSINT Links Table for general use, under Creative Commons license (free to all, may not be used commercially without a contract with him).

2009-02-27 CouinterPunch OpEd

See the link dated today for CounterPunch publication of the OpEd on "Intelligence for the President--AND Everyone Else"

2008-11-10 The Defense Science Board's newest report contains the wisdom of Dr. Joe Markowtiz, still the only adult in the U.S. Government that has a clue about the challenges and possibilities of Open Source Intelligence. Below we provide three links:

1) Article that correctly interprets the DSB words on OSINT.

2) The words in a single page with comments.

3) Link to the DSB Report itself.

Ho hum. Been there, done that. 1992: Arnie Donahue says "there is plenty of money for OSINT." 2008: defies belief.

Note: the Wikipedia OSINT page has degenerated into real garbage, as trolls have vandalized any attempt to point to the NATO, JMITC, or SOF OSINT Handbooks, as well as other sharp critiques of the virtually non-existent DNI OSINT "program" (technically it is not a program because there is no program line in DNI budget for OSINT, it is not in the DNI 100 or 500 day plans, there is no consolidated authority, no staff, no discretionary spending, the list goes on. The pig--and its lipstick--are dead. See the poor but honest Alternative Wikipedia OSINT page at the link dated 2008-08-15. However, with the systematic destruction of the "stubs" pointing to the JMITC (DIA), NATO, and SOF Handbooks, even those cannot be reached via Wikipedia. It has self-destructed on the topic of OSINT.

Use the Fast Track Library links for direct access to each of the tribes and to the training materials, none of which appear at Wikipedia because CIA and its quislings (as well as the standard Wikipedia trolls who know nothing of intelligence) stalk and delete any entry pointing to

For those being led here by this page's popularity, please do not overlook the higher home page,, which offers both key shortcuts to the seminal directories of OSINT references, and a number of contextual and complementary offerings including Information Operations and Collective Intelligence.

With excellent editing and inputs from those who actually know something about OSINT, the link dated 24 June 2008 is Steele's last word on IC OSINT--an epitaph for the pig's lipstick. DNI OSINT is dead, dead, dead.....

For all new Public Intelligence material, please visit Earth Intelligence Network,

In Eternal Memory of Winston Maike, OSINT Pioneer

2008-08-28 We have just learned that Winston Maike, Australian information broker and OSINT Pioneer who personally sponsored the first Australian OSINT conference in 1994, has died.

In the words of one of his closest friends:

I extremely regret to have to inform you that Winston passed away last night at Royal Brisbane Hospital.

He was in worsening pain from rib fractures from a fall some week or so ago and went to hospital Monday evening to recuperate. In spite of appearing ok yesterday afternoon he developed low oxygen saturation levels very quickly last night.

Winston's sudden unexpected death greatly upset all of us.

He was in many ways a true trooper to undertake the quality research. His command of language, research and knowledge was somewhat unparalleled in this modern world and his friendship and presence is greatly missed.


This notice will remain in memory of a man who exemplified public intelligence in the public interest. At the links dated today one can find his last OSS biography and his existing Internet sites.

 9-11 Commission Home Page with Full Report
 Chapter 13 of the Report (Go to Page 413)
 OSINT Executive Overview Cover RTF
 OSINT Executive Overview Contents RTF
 HASC 21 Jul 04 Exchange on OSINT
 Broadcasting Board of Governors (Model for Open Source Agency)
 Short Overview of BBG (3,200 employees, $535M per year)
 Press Release on Need for Open Source Agency Independence
 LEARN MORE about ethical legal open source intelligence (portal page)
 2004-07-29 Fax to All Members of Congress, All Jurisdictions
 LEARN MORE About "Collective Intelligence" or Public Intelligence
 2004-07-29 Fax to Governors, CFR, US CoC, Etc.
 2004-07-30 Press Release Also Faxed to Congress on OSINT, GWOT, & Transformation
 2004-07-30 Press Release Also Faxed to Governors Etc. on State & Local and Business, Academic Opportunities
 Lee Hamilton October 2002 Testimony on Hill
 9-11 Commission Testimony (Senate Government Operations) 30 Jul 04
 2004-08-02 Press Release on Open Source Agency Relevance to Government Reform
 REFERENCE: Congressman Simmons' Letter to General Schoomaker on OSINT as Transformative Element of Army Intelligence and then of Army
 2004-08-09 OSA Support to State & Local Authorities (Press Release/Fax to Congress)
 2004-08-09 Steele Keynote to Texas Law Enforcement
 2004-09-05 OSS-FBIS Face Off on Reality (OSS Comments on FBIS Claims re OSINT)
 2004-09-10 Revised Open Source Agency Draft Legislation Including OSIS-X
 2004-09-14 Senate Governmental Operations Committee Hearings Extracts Related to Open Source Agency Legislation
 2004-09-14 Army Accepts OSINT as Separate Discipline, Responding to Congressman Simmons' Recommendation
 2004-09-15 Press Release Suggesting OSA with Democratic leader should allow unanimous confirmation of Porter Goss as DCI
 2004-09-23 Press Release & Hill Fax on Transforming National Intelligence with OSA for State & DHS Among Others
 2004-09-27 Revised Legislation for Open Source Agency with National Guard Protection under State Soverignty and Redirection Toward Homeland Security
 2004-10-23 Original Posting on $25M for OSINT Now on the Street
 2004-10-23 Original Posting on Generic Response to DIA Data Call ($125M Potential)
 2004-11-18 Smart Nation Act, Short Version for Lame Duck Session of 108th Congress
 2004-11-20 Quincy Wright, Project for a World Intelligence Center (1957)
 2004-09-00 Defense Science Board Task Force on Stragtegic Communication
 2005-01-01 Defense Open Source Agency (DOSA) Notional Spending Plan for $2B a year
 REFERENCE: DIA Fails at OSINT, Original Quincy Wright Article on World Intellgience Center
 2005-01-05 Commentary on Transforming Analysis
 2005-01-05 MFR for CG Reference Set ($10M/theater etc.)
 BOOK REVIEW & AMAZON PAGE: Robert Buckman, "Building a Knowledge-Driven Organization"
 BOOK REVIEW & AMAZON PAGE: James Suroweiki, "The Wisdom of the Crowds"
 Advice for Combatant Commanders ($10M/Year for OSIF Networks for AOR)
 2005-02-26 OSS CEO Press Release on NID, DNID, & OSA
 2005-05-19 Guidelines for Ethical OSINT Contracting
 2005-05-20 Homeland Security Act with Open Source Strategy (see page 10)
 2005-05-28 Link to HASC Language on DoD OSINT
 2005-05-29 General Al Gray's seminal work on "Global Intelligence Challenges" from 1988-1989
 2008-05-29 E3i, the original Whole Earth Review article from 1992
 2005-06-10 Behind the Curve in Culture-Centric Skills
 2005-08-08 Washington Post on "Terrorists Turn to the Web"
 2005-08-09 Washington Post on "The Web as Weapon" (Google for Title if you Hate Registration)
 2005-10-02 FEMA Failure with KATRINA as OSA Support
 2005-10-13 Al Jazerra on WH cherry-picking CIA reports
 2005-10-20 Google Hits on Bird Flu Threat
 2005-10-28 Congressman Simmons Foreword to New IO Book (Calls for new national Open Source Agency)
 2005-10-28 Dr Robert Garigue Guest Preface to New Book on IO
 2005-10-28 Direct Link to IOP '06 Conference Page (17-20 Jan 06 in DC, Covering Information Operations, Open Source Intelligence, and Peacekeeping Intelligence)
 2005-10-28 Sheraton Premier IOP '06 Special Online Reservations Page (Going to Sell Out, Reserve Your Room NOW Even if not sure on actually registering for conference)
 2005-10-29 BreakAway Games Home Page--the Future of Public Intelligence
 2005-10-29 JC Herz on "Harnessing the Hive via Online Games"
 2005-11-03 Draft Legislation to Create Open Source Agency
 2005-11-09 DNI Letter on Open Source Center
 2005-11-09 CIA Announcement on Open Source Center
2005-11-20 Steele at Hackers on Google Intelligence (Save, then View in Notes Format at 75% to see words with slides. Pass it on....]
 2005-11-22 Global Coverage Report (Text), July 1997
 2005-11-22 Global Coverage Report (Slides), July 1997
 2005-11-25 Fax to DDNI Shutting Down Naquin & FBIS Pending ADDNI/OS Appointment
 2005-11-25 FBIS Covert Action Propaganda Against US Public
 2005-11-30 Platinum and Golden Candles for IOP '06
 2005-11-30 IOP '06 Confernce Page and All Information (16-20 January 2006, Sheraton Premiere, Tysons Corner, Northern Virginia)
 2005-12-07 Douglas Rushkoff on Open Source Democracy
 2005-12-08 DNI Press Release on ADDNI/OS
 2005-12-08 Fresh Link to Global Coverage (Jul 97) for $1.5B
 2005-12-08 Fresh Link to Markowitz OSINT Investment Strategy
 2005-12-10 The OSINT Story--History Up to the ADDNI/OS
 2005-12-12 BBG Recruits Stringers World Wide--Secord?
 2005-12-13 Slate on CIA Needing to Buy Knight-Ridder
 2005-12-20 Press Release on IOP for Business Professionals
 2005-12-20 IOP '06 16-20 Jan 06 in Washington DC
 2006-01-03 Basic Lectures on Intelligence Reform Needs
 2006-01-05 Proposed DOSA Budget of $2B per year
 2006-01-05 Proposed COCOM OSINT Structure & Funding
 2006-01-05 100-Day Plan for Creating DOSA
 2006-01-06 Inside the Air Force on DoD OSINT
 2006-01-25 Federal Times and DDNI for Analysis on Open Source
 2006-02-10 NGIC Souirces Sought for Pathfinder Make-Over
 2006-02-25 Latest on Al Qaeda Nailing Saudi Oil
 2006-02-27 Perversion of Business Intelligence by Pretender from Gartner
 2006-02-28 ON INTEL (2000) Jacket and Flaps
 2006-02-28 ON INTEL (2000) Full Text End to End
 2006-03-10 CFO as Potential Champion of OSINT
 2006-03-10 Thomas J. Buckholtz, Information Proficiency
 2006-03-11 Iraqi Documents Not Being Released to Public
 2006-03-14 OSINT Familiarization Links, One Page, Version 1.1
 2006-03-15 Medical Business Intelligence Example of Good and Bad
 2006-03-16 Questions any National Intelligence Manager Should Have to Answer
 2006-03-16 $2B a Year Budget for National or Defense Open Source Agency
 2006-03-16 $600M a Year Commercial Imagery and Open Source Geospatial Spending Plan
 2006-03-18 Draft OSINT Chapter Outline for Handbook of Intelligence Studies
 2006-03-18 Draft Outline for OSINT Chapter in Strategic Intelligence
 2006-03-22 SOF OSINT Handbook (Draft)
 2006-03-22 Web Quick Links for the Military Analyst
 2006-03-25 OSINT History (1989-1995)
 2006-03-25 Steele Slam on FBIS from 1989 Still Accurate Today
 2006-03-25 Steele on Reinventing Intelligence (Three Pages)
 2006-03-26 Link to London Review Article on "The Israel Lobby"
 2006-03-26 News About Lincoln Group
 2006-03-26 Representative article on Rendon's SOP
 2006-03-29 DNI CIO on Right Track
 2006-03-29 Stone Age Security Impedes Information Sharing
 2006-03-29 Open Media Sharing Standards One Option
 2006-03-30 OSINT Familiarization Links (One Page) 1.7
 2006-04-05 Paul Pillar in Foreign Affairs on Collapse of Intelligence-Policy Relations
 2006-04-09 Preprint Handbook Chapter on OSINT
 2006-04-09 Preprint Strategic Chapter on OSINT
 2006-04-11 Army journal on OSINT, half useful, half nonsense
 2006-04-12 White House Spokesman Recognizes Open Source Intelligence as a Separate Discipline
 2006-04-17 Interview for Military Review 1.1
 2006-04-19 Washington Times Features Naquin and Jardines
 2006-04-19 Appropriate Satire on the Twins Wandering in Cyberspace
 2006-04-23 OSINT Military Analysis Pilot from Deep Web
 2006-04-25 Google List of Link to and about SILOBREAKER
 2006-04-27 Silobreaker Detailed Summary of Benefits
 2006-05-11 Locational Intelligence vice Geospatial Information
 2006-05-12 Microsoft Virtual Earth Scores Coup with NGA
 2006-05-15 Homework Help from India Today, OSINT Tomorrow
 2006-05-23 New Yorker Profile on Rita Katz of SITE Institute
 2006-05-31 OSINT Links Page 2.0
 2006-06-09 Congressman Simmons Calls for Independent Open Source Agency
 2006-06-14 "Save the Facts" by David Eisenberg
 2006-06-14 Cordesman Gives DoD an "F" for Truth on Iraq (LA Times)
 2006-06-14 Cordesman Interview with Council on Foreign Relations
 2006-06-14 Pentagon Report on Iraq--Judge for Yourself
 2006-06-14 Free Download of Cordesman Report--Judge for Yourself
 2006-06-19 Needle in Haystack Analytic Challenge with Link Analysis
 2006-06-22 Pre-Incident Behavior by Terrorists
 2006-07-05 Public Daily Brief Beta of Constant Feed
 2006-07-05 Public Daily Brief Beta of Weekly Summary Document
 2006-07-07 Simmons Calls for Independent OSINT Agency
 2006-07-07 Creating a New Agency with a New Mission
 2006-07-15 CIA and Pentagon Discover Bloggers as They Fade
 2006-07-16 OSC: Pathetic Beyond Belief
 2006-07-20 Database of Sources
 2006-09-07 REUTERS Blowing Smoke in Faked Photo
 2006-09-07 REUTERS Another Fake Photo
 2006-09-07 REUTERS The Lies They Tell
 2006-09-07 REUTERS Rocked
 2006-09-07 REUTERS Picture Kill--How We Got Here
 2006-09-07 Lebanese Blogging
 2006-08-08 Dynamic WikiMaps Now Real
 2006-08-14 Journalism without Journalists or Publishers
 2006-08-18 OSINT Chapter in Strategic Intelligence (Dr. Loch Johnson, Editor)
 2006-09-07 How the NSA Wiretap System Works
 2006-09-07 Mini-Tutorial on NSA Voice and Data Monitoring
 2006-09-11 U MD START Early OSINT Successes on Terrorism
 2006-09-11 U MD START Early OSINT Suggests Israel (and US) Doing More Harm Than Good with Attacks
 2006-09-21 WorldMapper is the Cat's Meow!
 2006-09-24 Persistent Link to Seminars of the Long Now
 2006-09-28 OSINT Goes Mainstream....
 2006-09-28 World Check as a Source or Service
 2006-09-29 One Slide ConOps for OSC at CIA
 2006-10-02 Intelligence Squared Public Debates on Key Issues
 2006-10-03 The Human Terrain System (Military Review)
 2006-10-04 AFIO Home Page
 2006-10-07 Alessandro Politi on the New World Disorder
 2006-10-10 Deep Web Press Release
 2006-10-10 Deep Web Free OSINT Search Direct
 2006-10-10 Deep Web Free Federal Science OSINT Search
 2006-10-10 OSS.Net Library Direct (Sortable, Searchable, Hot)
 2006-10-10 Annual International OSINT Conference (15-19 Jan 07)
 2006-10-15 Dr. Ran Hock's Special Section on Deep Web OSINT
 2006-11-01 Web Reached 100 million sites
 2006-11-05 Web Sciences Next Big Leap in OSINT
 2006-11-05 Underlying Web Sciences are Services Science
 2006-11-05 Wiki-Calc Plan for Saving the World
 2006-11-22 Current Briefing on OSINT in Context
 2006-11-22 Nokia Cell Phone Interaction Point and Click
 2006-11-22 Lost? Try Using Your Cellphone
 2006-11-22 3D Cell Phone Vector Applications
 2006-11-30 Google "Answers" Implode
 2006-12-05 Gore Gored I: Viscounts First Slam
 2006-12-05 Gore Gored II: Viscounts Second Slam
 2006-12-05 Gore Gored III: Gore Responds with Limits of His Circle of Advisors
 2006-12-05 Gore Gored IV: Viscount Responds Most Credibly
 2006-12-12 Robert Pelton's Iraq Slogger
 2006-12-22 NGA Moving Ahead as Foundation for Fusion
 2006-12-22 Face Trace Goes Generic on the Web
 2006-12-28 SEAL on Remote Viewing & Covert Program
 2006-12-29 Beyond Google
 2006-12-31 New Year's Message from Arno Reuser
 2006-12-31 Amazon Page for Benkler's Wealth of Networks
 2006-12-31 Amazon Page for Tofflers' Revolutionary Wealth
 2006-12-31 Amazon Page for Stewart's Wealth of Knowledge
 2006-12-31 Amazon Page for Carter's Infinite Wealth
 2006-12-31 Amazon Page for Seven Books on Moral OSINT Leadership
 2007-01-05 Global News & Commentary
 2007-01-06 The Social Life of Books
 2007-01-07 CSM on the Wiki Open Source Way
 2007-01-11 OSINT displacing Secret Intelligence
 2007-01-13 GoogleEarth, Asymmetric War, and Level Playing Fields
 2007-01-24 Army OSINT Doctrine--Putrid & Uninformed
 2007-01-27 Business Intelligence Merging with KM & Collaboration Tools
 2007-01-27 Rapidly Scalable Open Source Mesh Networks
 2007-01-29 Direct Link to Weeklies and Forecasts
 2007-02-09 Future ofthe Internet, Need for Legislation
 2007-02-10 Google, CIA, and Other Problems with Privacy
 2007-02-10 Mario Profaca's Page on VISTA and NSA
 2007-02-13 Carnegie Endowment Goes Multinational
 2007-04-04 Beyond Google Part I (119 Better Sources)
 2007-04-04 Beyond Google Part II (Metaweb Technologies)
 2007-04-14 Seminal Chapter on Strategic OSINT
 2007-04-14 Operational OSINT (Chapter 10 in the Handbook of Intelligence Studies)
 2007-04-14 Updated 1-page collection of top OSINT links
 2007-04-17 Commentary on OSC Article in Latest IJIC
 2007-04-18 Arnaud de Borchgrave on OSINT (Oxford Analytica)
 2007-04-23 GoogleEarth Mash-Up of Darfur Genocide
 2007-04-23 Singapore Horizon Scanning & Anomaly Detection
 2007-04-26 Italian Strategic Intelligence Collaboration Site
 2007-04-30 DNI Open Source Conference (16-17 Jul 07)
 2007-05-04 DNI Connects Open Source Software and Open Source Intelligence
 2007-06-01 Hamilton Bean on OSC (IJIC Summer 2007)
 2007-06-01 Robert Steele's Comments on Hamilton Bean's excellent article (forthcoming in IJIC)
 2007-06-12 Nanopunk and Biopunk as Forms of OSIF/OSINT
 2007-06-12 Great OSINT Quotes
 2007-06-12 OSINT Library for the Hill
 2007-06-13 New Environmental Degradation Internet Table
 2007-07-02 Citizen Counter-Terrorism
 2007-07-03 Intelligence Online (Highly Recommended)
 2007-07-03 Intelligence Online Back Cover on Bilderberg Turkey
 2007-07-08 Amy Zegart on Built to Flail (Word)
 2007-07-08 R. J. Hillhouse on Private Spies (Word)
 2007-07-08 Amy Zegart on Built to Flail (RTF)
 07-07-08 R. J. Hillhouse on Private Spies (RTF)
 2007-07-08 R. J. Hillhouse on Private Spies (RTF)
 2007-07-08 Amazon Page for Ralph Peters, Wars of Blood and Faith
 2007-07-13 General Al Gray's Seminal Article of 1988
 2007-07-13 Robert Steele's Seminal Article in 1992
 2007-07-13 Boyd Sutton's Seminal Study on Global Coverage
 2007-07-13 Joe Markowitz's Strategy for Open Source Investment
 2007-07-13 Arno Reuser's Definitive Presentaiton on OSINT
 2007-07-13 One Page of Key OSINT Document Links
 2007-07-13 Complete Table (Sortable, Searchable) of all presentation by over 600 world-class authorities, to the annual international conference on OSINT
 2007-07-13 Seminal Chapter on Strategic OSINT
 2007-07-13 Seminal Chapter on Operational OSINT
 2007-07-13 OSINT Honors Page 1986-2006 Mr. Marty Hurwitz, (LtCol Peter Dorn, Col Walter Breede, and Mr. John Guenther will receive a special retrospective award on 5 Sep 07)
 2008-03-12 UK OSINT Conference 9-11 July 2008
 2008-03-12 Keynote Abstract for UK OSINT 9-11 Jul 08
 2008-03-12 Five Slides Summarizing UN Need for Public Intelligence
 2008-06-24 IJIC Steele on OSINT MIA (Summer 2008)
 2008-08-15 Wikipedia OSINT Page Prior to Being Vandalized
 2008-08-15 HISTORY 1996 JMITC (DIA) OSINT Handbook
 2008-08-15 HISTORY 2001 NATO OSINT HB
 2008-08-15 HISTORY 2004 SOF OSINT Handbook (Draft)
 2008-08-15 OSINT History, Policy, Practice (One Page of Links)
 2008-08-15 OSINT Library (750 experts, 30,000 pages, sortable)
 2008-08-15 OSS Indictment and Epitaph for DNI OSINT
 2008-08-15 Critique & Expansion of CRS OSINT Report to Congress
 2008-08-28 Winston Maike Biography from 2006
 2008-08-26 Winston Maike Linked-In Profile
 2008-08-28 Winston Maike Information Access (Company Page)
 2008-08-29 30,000 pages sorted by OSINT tribe and training
 2008-11-10 NextGov on DSB Report Focus on OSINT
 2008-11-10 DSB on OSINT with OSS CEO Comments (1 page)
 2008-11-10 Defense Science Board on Imperatives (August 2008)
 2009-02-27 CounterPunch OpEd on Intelligence for Everyone
 2009-04-23 OSINT Link Table (Ben Benavides)

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