Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fravia+ Cracker Cocktails #CyberWarfare #InfoSec

cocktail.htm : Fravia's lost depot of cocktails and microprocessor prayers

__Makoli's Makoli __

Well, who said that we should only drink 'western' cocktails? (makoli(at)hotmail(point)com) (a reality Fravia), gives us the following:

Yes, that's right: makoli is the name of a drink! I guarantee it will cut trough the murk of even the shadiest misinformation. Here's how to make your own. I'm sorry, the amounts aren't exact, but as you learn to drink it you'll also learn how to make it. raw rice - big bagful sugar - about equal in volume to the rice water - decide amount later Wash the rice briefly, and grind it up into a powder. Though it doesn't really matter, the final size should be at least as small as a quarter of a rice grain. Mix the ground rice, sugar and lots of water, enouch to cover the rice several times over. Cover and leave it all to stand until bubbles come. When it smells too strong to consider edible, it's ready! Make sure to stir it before you pour it, and also to swirl it with your little finger periodically while you drink it. Otherwise the solid stuff settles out!

See the beautiful cartoon by Moebius: "Escale sur Pharagonescia" to understand what would happen if you don't strikez your Koks, sorry, if you don't stir your Makoli... :-)

__NiTrO's two__

Well, chocolate and strawberry, like in the Cuban film... (NiTrO_real(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk), gives us the following two cocktails:

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