Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enemy Investigation: Some Simple Stalking Tools || Fravia+

Enemy tracking

0) some simple stalking tools

(Fravia shows you what you can do - or try - and where you can learn some advanced stalking techniques)

Enemy tracking, a very difficult art, can be divided into stalking, reversing language patterns and luring. In order to stalk you need a deep knowledge of Usenet spamming (and war) techniques like flaming, trolling and crossposting. A good Fravia can moreover easily 'reconstruct' (part of) the snailtrail of his enemies and defeat their smoke curtains applying some easy semantical reverse engineering tricks. Finally the Fravia will lure his targets into the open web and identify it.
0) Some simple stalking tools
1) General stalking techniques
1.1) Simple email stalking techniques
2) Reversing language patterns
3) Luring and social engineering tricks

Well, clearly the 'anonimty lab' of my site needs a little re-ordering... this page, added in October 1998, is due to the necessity of a single 'resources' page for the whole anonimty lab. I'll slowly modify and trim the other sections, yet, grossomodo, my idea for each lab is to have a specific 'tools' page where you'll be able to find all the relevant links and tools.

Let's begin with a few
must know sites and/or tools
traceroute] ~ [usenet] ~ [Telephone Directories]


(Cut and paste in the URL window and then replace XXX.YYY with your target domain name)

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