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botstart.htm Fravia explaining easy bots'reversing and trapping techniques


"BOTS" section
The bots essays are here!
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September 1999
This is a 'living' workshop on bots trapping and reversing, see my javascript page for "broad" site protection techniques.
As deep wrote in his bot-essay: "There are many Perl bots available on the net, but I'm fairly certain that you will not find one that does exactly what you want. There's also a convention amoung bot writers not to give bots to people who do not understand them - it's considered irresponsible. Of course, once you've learned how to build bots, you can be as irresponsible as you like". Exactly, and that is the reason you will find more knowledge only if you will contribute and work on your own.

Study (on your own if possible) and then send contributions (like the very important essays below)

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An introduction, an explanation, a "teaser" for those that did not know...
The term "bot" is, according to DeadelviS, a short for "robot", which sounds much cooler than "program"

As Andrew Leonard explains, like mechanical robots, bots are guided by algorithmic rules of behavior - if this happens, do that; if that happens, do this. But instead of clanking around a laboratory bumping into walls, software robots are executable programs that maneuver through cyberspace bouncing off communications protocols. Strings of code written by everyone from teenage chat-room lurkers to top-flight computer scientists, bots are variously designed to carry on conversations, act as human surrogates, or achieve specific tasks - such as seeking out and retrieving information. And... bots can also be used as weapons.

(This section of mine regards web robots - spiders, wanderers, and worms. Cancelbots, Lazarus, Automoose. Chatterbots, softbots, userbots, taskbots, knowbots, mailbots. MrBot and MrsBot. Warbots, clonebots, floodbots, annoybots, hackbots, and Vladbots. Gaybots, gossipbots, gamebots. Skeleton bots, spybots, and sloth bots. Xbots, meta-bots. Eggdrop bots)

This Bot trapping (bot wars) section was started in May 1998

It's up to you to help us with your own work or not: it is my intention to offer you enough material on this page to allow you to start.
See: I'll NEVER charge money for accessing my site: I charge the only "money" that's worth something on this web of ours: knowledge!

I want you to contribute with YOUR knowledge!
Remember, if you build on other people's shoulders, you must offer your own shoulders for others to build upon!

Hey! How d'I get in?
You'll have to devise your own bot (and it better behave well, or else!)... try to dig it, please, because some of the first answers I'm getting from this section are disheartening! You should not just COPY an existing dull and simple bot, you should produce a good bot and send it to my main site (please tell me when, because I haven't got the time to check all the tracks :-) I'll (try to) trap it, have a look and, if it proves to be a good work, I'll publish your source code if you want me to... alternatively, if you prefer, you send me a good essay on "bot's wars" or "bot's design", or "bot's trapping", and I'll gladly publish it. But it better be good and YOUR OWN WORK (you'll have all the credit, as usual), should I find out that you copied stuff from somewhere without telling, I'll slowbomb you for quite a while... :-)

Hey! I wanna see a real bot in action before joining!
Yessir! And if you knew nothing of this stuff you'll be fascinated (and even if you already knew... :-)
Besides, this will show you ALSO a very important searching trick... see, old good Fravia+ already teaches you quite a lot even WITHOUT you getting into the "real" stuff... :-)
You'll now (at once if I were you) approach the "iliad" Searchbot (a very useful one, btw):

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