Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No mention @leahita @CelticFire69 and @elyssad

Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2010-12-30 18:07
Ernie Hopkins (@CelticFire69)
2010-12-30 18:06
U R aware that rockingjude on facebook and twitter lists name as jude vaxen? Her/It behavior odd she follow/unfollowed me several times.
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2010-12-30 17:27
Vaxen sent a dm saying that he no longer follows Jude.
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2010-12-30 17:25
Rockingjude is the bitch who hacked my account. Longhawl is another account she had access to and they gang stalked me and harassed online
Ernie Hopkins (@CelticFire69)
2010-12-30 17:18
No one should attack a baby cat. BTW my son thinks U must b super cool because of your cat. Back 2 mtr, who is rockingjude, who is longhaul?
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2010-12-30 16:47
Vaxen is male I think he is okay. Longhawl is an alias she uses and they attack @spottyx which is my poor baby cat I use when I'm in twitmo
Ernie Hopkins (@CelticFire69)
2010-12-30 13:49
OK jude vaxen=rockingjude. Chats portray female, 26 Dec DM indicates male. Which is it? Is it safe to be following it? More flares unfollow?

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