Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's official. Twitter CyberWar 2010 part A

tibettruth (@tibettruth)
2011-02-20 05:22
@ElyssaD Imagine an empty Vatican, Rome under brutal foreign rule & tourists in front of St Peter's smiling!
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-02-20 05:18
@tibettruth I'm sorry. I retweeted something that a dear friend posted and I assumed it was okay. I don't know much about tourism.
tibettruth (@tibettruth)
2011-02-20 05:09
@ElyssaD we and our Tibetan brothers and sisters in occupied Tibet certainly know very well
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-02-20 05:08
@tibettruth honestly I don't know. Do you?
tibettruth (@tibettruth)
2011-02-20 05:06
@ElyssaD why is @lonelyplanet encouraging China's colonization/exploitation of Tibet by promoting tourism there?
Yemmi Agbebi, MBA (@yagbebi)
2011-02-20 04:54
“@lonelyplanet: Hiking in Tibet: an interview with Colin Thubron -- by @katie_silcox #lp”

edd, edm

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