Monday, February 21, 2011

#eDEFENSE from #iDEFENSE round 4

Felice Sena Micheli (@franki_kuka)
2011-02-20 14:05
@ElyssaD Sorry, dind´t get the message ! apologies for what ?
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-02-20 13:51
@franki_kuka @sydneyhomeless @franki_cuca @lizarddawg you could apologize & back off. Because that is the right thing to do. I am NOT 4 sale
Felice Sena Micheli (@franki_kuka)
2011-02-20 12:00
@ElyssaD @SydneyHomeless @franki_cuca @lizarddawg Good Work for #FreeGary, Elyssa; Cheers :)
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-02-20 11:52
“@franki_kuka: @ElyssaD @SydneyHomeless @franki_cuca Thanks ;-)” L88K--> he also thanked @lizarddawg #jihad #tcot

This is guy is too stupid to know when to quit. I blocked him because the messages were blatantly obvious and transparent but he has 3 other accounts and a whole army of disinformation agents and military hackers at his disposal. Now how fair is that? 

Yet we allow this to continue. I KNOW I'm not the only one. But I don't have military hackers at my disposal.  Considering other tweets I received from #telaviv "WHEN we come to kill you, be prepared..." 

Well, I am prepared for the worst so I am leaving digital footprints just in case somebody else finds themselves in a similar situation. 

This disinformation campaign and #cyberwar against the people - against the HONEST people here and around the world leaves a very bad taste int mouth. And it appears that it is only getting worse. 

They don't even know when to back off. How "smart" is that? They just pile it on and leave more and more evidence behind suggesting that they are indeed up to no good. 

edd, edm

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