Wednesday, February 23, 2011

@badjerry L88K-- GRANT FOR HACKTIVISTS $11,000 - $17,000 i can do that!

Y Combinator Funding Application s2011 | news | logout

How It Works

  1. Please put your email address in the email field of your profile. This is the address we'll use to reply to you. (It's not visible to anyone else.)

  2. Please create YC accounts for any of your cofounders who don't already have one.

  3. Edit your application online.

  4. The update button on the application form saves your changes, but doesn't submit the application to us.

  5. When you're ready for us to see your application, click on the submit button that will appear here

  6. Edit and resubmit as much as you want, but be sure to submit at least once before the deadline (March 20 at 8 pm PST), because you haven't applied till you do.

  7. Early submissions have a significant advantage because we have more time to look at them and engage with the founders.

  8. We may have questions about your application. If there is a question waiting from us, you'll see a link to it on this page and at the top of Hacker News (when you're logged in). So check HN regularly after submitting.

  9. If you want a copy of your application, please save one locally, because we turn off this url after the application deadline.

  10. We'll review applications and get back to you at the end of the day on April 9.

Thanks, ElyssaD!

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