Saturday, January 29, 2011

Conversation Report & Analysis #BlackOps

PJ Lionheart (@kroabot)
2011-01-29 16:15
@ElyssaD @anarchists @firetown #Zionists are the #NWO is the #CIA is the #Illuminati
Elyssa Durant (@ElyssaD)
2011-01-29 16:11
@kroabot @anarchists @firetown the Shadow Government is working with #Zionists #NWO #CIA and #Illuminati and their weapon is fear & #disinfo
PJ Lionheart (@kroabot)
2011-01-29 12:39
@anarchists: @elyssad: @firetown DARPA and the shadow government, remote viewing technologies, and teleportation

edd, edm

After several failed attempts to gain access, they say just what you want to hear to infiltrate conversation. 

They take the links and forward them independently to parties unknown to the participants which often goes unoticed because it does not appear in conversation thread. 

They forward named of
Participants to am external party with some stupid hashtag like "followsaturday hehe"

Upon detection they immediately begin the #disinfo stage in this case "who are you working for" "those cats look like government agents" and then the final hit, "did you cup of paranoia at Kroger"

The pattern remains the same. 

Know thy enemy and always keep a record becuase the next phase is often false accusations or misrepresentation of the evidence after they gather their friends working for "the company" to clean up and delete the evidence. 

Agent 404 back in d'house
United States of America

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