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Wikileaks Timeline Manning/Lamo/Poulsen Case by cryptome.org

19 July 2010

A sends:

Attached is a timeline I constructed on the Adrian Lamo / Wikileaks case.

The timeline has been constructed to the best of my abilities, and is referenced whenever possible. I do not claim it is free from errors, but if there are errors, they should be relatively minor. The timeline gives a better picture of the sequence of events that happened, and refutes some of the claims made by Lamo, and indeed backs up Glenn Greenwald's characterization of the story.

Furthermore, it is clear Wired magazine needs to immediately release the FULL chat logs , or else they are simply making themselves, Lamo, and Poulsen look like they have something to hide -- which, in my opinion, they probably do.

I stand by my previous comments on Lamo's untrustworthyness in the past, detailed here:


Despite Lamo's denials, I contacted my sources again and confirmed the information. Perhaps Lamo needs to refresh his memory of what he said and did at 2600 meetings.

To all who are reading: Feel free to correct and/or update this timeline and republish it with a new version number.


Manning/Lamo/Poulsen Case
Composite Timeline  v1.2


Summer / Fall 2009:
Manning considers leaking material to Wikileaks due to his moral objections to the war.   Manning attempts to contact Assange. [4]


Jan 13: Icelandic cable regarding the failed Icesafe bank is sent from REYKJAVIK embassy to Washington.  Manning supposedly obtains and leaks this cable to Wikileaks. [13]

Feb 18: Wikileaks publishes the classified Icelandic cable. [14]

Feb xx: Sometime in February, Manning supposedly leaks Apache 'Collateral Murder' video to Wikileaks -- electronically. [3]

Apr 05: Wikileaks publishes the 'Collateral Murder' video provided by Bradley Manning. [5]

Apr~28: Adrian Lamo's backpack containing his antidepressants is stolen.  Lamo calls the police.  Police believe he is acting erratically and have him committed. [1]

Apr~28: Lamo taken to the local E.R. and put under armed guard. [1]

Apr~28: Lamo transferred to Woodland Memorial Hospital near Sacramento CA. [1]

Apr~28: Lamo placed on 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold. [1]

May~03: A Judicial Officer extends Lamo's stay -- three days becomes nine days. [1]

May 07: Adrian Lamo discharged from mental hospital to parent's house , ultimately with Asperger's diagnosis. [1]

May 12: Lamo is photographed at his parent's California home by Wired photographer Ariel Zambelich -- for use in Poulsen's upcoming May 20 Wired mental health profile on Lamo. [1]

May 20:
    Lamo is contacted 'out of the blue' by Private Bradley Manning over PGP-encrypted email, who supposedly selected Lamo by searching for "Wikileaks" on Twitter. [2]
    The same day Manning contacts Lamo, Wired publishes Poulsen's article on Lamo's mental health problems, including the May 12 picture taken by Wired's Ariel Zambelich. [1], [2]

May 21:
    [Wired released no chat conversations for this day.]
    Lamo begins his online chats with Bradley Manning over AIM, after the initial email PGP keys were incorrect. [2], [3]

May 22:
    Lamo likely begins his contact with Federal authorities, unbenownst to Bradley Manning. [17]

    [Manning/Lamo AIM chat Conversations continue]

    1:51 PM -
    AIM: Manning alludes to Lamo that he has leaked multiple State Department cables to Wikileaks. [3]

    2:05 PM -
    AIM: Manning claims he has a personal relationship with Assange from Wikileaks, but that Manning does not know more than Assange tells him, which is very little.  [3]
    AIM: Manning also states that it took him four months to confirm Assange's identity. [3]

May 23:
    [Manning/Lamo AIM chat Conversations continue]

    8:01 AM -
    AIM: Lamo asks Manning about Assange's OPSEC. Manning confirms Assange does not use AIM, but that he does use OTR. Manning says Assange never discusses OPSEC , even over OTR. [3]

May 24:
    [Wired released no chat conversations for this day.]

    On or before this day, Lamo begins working with the Feds to 'nab' Manning. [15]
    Lamo now in telephone or email contact with Federal authorities -- including Army Intelligence. [4]
    Poulsen at Wired supposedly gets 'initial' phone call from Lamo, regarding Lamo's chats with Manning -- despite running the 'mental health' profile on Lamo four days prior.  [4]
    Lamo informs Poulsen he has been in contact with the Army Intelligence, and he is scheduled to meet with them in-person the following day. [4]

May 25:
    Lamo meets in-person with U.S. Army Intelligence. [4]
    Lamo calls Poulsen at Wired to tell him of what happened at the meeting with the Feds. [4]

    [Manning/Lamo AIM chat Conversations continue]

    2:09 AM -
    AIM: Lamo asks Manning if he is concerned that Army CID/CI might be investigating Wikileaks sources.  Manning replies he has zerofilled evidence on his computers. [3]

    2:26 AM -
    AIM: Manning claims Washington Post and David Finkel sat on the Apache 'collateral murder' video for years. [3]

        2:32 AM -
    AIM: Both Sign off. [3]

    [12 hour break]

    2:48 PM -
    AIM: Manning admits to leaking the Apache 'collateral murder' video to Wikileaks.  Manning claims to have uploaded this to Wikileaks in in February. [3]

May 26:
    Unbenownst to Lamo and Poulsen, Manning is arrested. [4]
    Lamo tells Poulsen he has a second meeting -- this time with the FBI -- the following day. [4]
    Lamo also tells Poulsen that Manning claimed credit for leaking the Collateral Murder video to Wikileaks. [4]
    Poulsen asks Lamo to provide the the AIM transcripts. Lamo agrees -- but only if Poulsen drives to Sacramento to pick up the chat logs in person. [4]
    Lamo's other condition for sharing the chat logs was that Poulsen not publish anything in Wired until Lamo gave the green light. [4]

May 27:
    11:00 AM - On or around this time, Poulsen drives from San Francisco to Sacramento to meet Adrian Lamo. They meet for several hours. [4]
    3:00  PM - Poulsen leaves Sacramento CA after meeting Lamo, with the Bradley Manning chats contained on a thumb drive. [4]
    4:00  PM - Lamo meets with the FBI, who inform him that Manning had been arrested the day before. [4]

May 28:
    Lamo tells Poulsen that at the previous day's meeting, the FBI informed him Manning had been arrested. [4]

Jun 01:
    Lamo okays Poulsen's publishing of a Wired article. [4]

Jun 02:
    Wired's Zetter is brought on the story. [4]

Jun 06:
    Poulsen publishes his Wired article on the arrest of Bradley Manning. [6]

Jun 07:
    Lamo issues a Press Release saying he will clarify his role in the Wired article the following day. [7]

Jun 08:
    Lamo publicly claims (to BBC) of telling Manning he 'worked as a journalist'. [16]

Jun 09:
    Lamo tells Yahoo News that he was 'not acting as a journalist', and he made this clear to Manning -- and clams Manning refused this offer.  Lamo also lies and tells Yahoo News his first contact with Manning was May 21 -- not May 20. [17]  Lamo claims Manning chose to contact him by searching for "Wikileaks" on Twitter. [17]

Jun 10:
    Wired releases highly-redacted chat logs, supposedly occurring between Lamo and Manning. [3]
    Washington Post somehow obtains and publishes parts of Lamo/Poulsen redacted chats not published by Wired; indicates that Wired and Poulsen are withholding more than "personal issues" and national security secrets. [4], [12]

Jun 11:
    Lamo issues a Press Release claiming had Manning approached him out of the blue, and Lamo was not acting "in his capacity as a journalist", but rather for a source for Wired, contradicting his previous statements. [8]

Jun 12:
    Lamo claims Wikileaks emailed him, requesting that he cease discussing potential espionage by Manning, as well as to provide Wikileaks with the chat logs. [9]

    Lamo publicises Wikileaks' emails and refuses the request. [9]

    Interesting, the email from Wikileaks references Lamo's "recent drug problems". [9]

    Lamo responds to Wikileaks by pointing the finger directly at Assange, and accuses Assange of not providing lawyers for Manning.  [9]



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