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David Headley`s Wife Faiza Speaks Out via @dobroyeutro

David Headley`s Wife Faiza Speaks Out

Posted: 2010/12/27
From: Mathaba
wife. I want to tell the world, that David and I are still married. I have been trying for over 15 months to get in touch with him, but the FBI and his lawyer do not allow me any contact with him. I do not understand why it is this way.

"David is my husband and I have every right to talk to him, meet him, stand by him and support him. I have many things that I want and need to discus with him. At the very least, I would at least like some closure. I am still a young woman who has my whole life ahead of her and at some point I need to leave the past behind me and move on with my life, with or without David.

"I have been accused in the media, specifically by Indian journalists, from being a LeT operative, a mole, a spy and the worst accusation, a terrorist. These lies and slander by the Indian media eventually spilled over into the French media as well. I have never spoken to anyone from the French or Indian media at anytime. Nor did I ever have any contact with any Indian intelligence agencies especially the NIA.

"The only media outlet that I spoke to directly was Ginger Thompson at the New York Times. Surprisingly, even with the New York Times, there was a miscommunication or perhaps a blatant and intentional twisting of my words. Somewhere between my interview and the printed story some words were added, and many things that I was told would be printed were omitted. Perhaps this happened at the editorial level.

"The media’s false accusations about me, their stories and lies are making my life difficult, stressful, and they have no right to do so, it is against the law. I have read many articles and I have seen too many lies, provocations, and insults, from the media. They have slandered my name all over the internet and they did and said what they felt like without any thought to the repercussions or negative effects that it would have on me, my family, friends and my life. They did not take into consideration my feelings as a woman, not caring about me as a person, as a wife whose husband is in jail for over a year without contact, or as someones sister, or as a daughter and lastly I am not seen as a human being.

"The media and Indian intelligence agencies twisted my words, and said what I did not say. I say one word and they say another word. They are playing games with me and you, the public. I want this to stop and I want you all to know the truth from my own mouth. That I am innocent and an unfortunate victim of circumstance.

"While I am here crying about my life, struggling with my pain, all kinds of people are harassing me, bothering me and accusing me of things that I did not do or say nor know anything about. They are not following the laws that we have internationally. I want to tell all those who lie about me, my husband, and my friends, that we are not going to shut up, the truth will come out sooner or later and we will pursue those people that brought our names online without our permission.

"I have many more things that I want to say about myself, my husband and about my interesting and unimaginable experiences. However, I will stop here and I will save all the rest for my upcoming book."

Upcoming Book Project

Before Faiza and I became reunited, I had already begun my book project titled, Drug Smuggler’s, Gun Runner’s, Russian Intelligence Officers and Terrorist’s Wives: And These Are My Friends Not My Enemies. However, I have now placed that project on the back burner and have decided to collaborate on a book with Faiza. The title of the David Headley Affair book project will be released at a later date.

We will soon be sending out our book proposal to a few select literary agents. Our individual insights and experiences when combined offer a powerful and unparalleled inside story. We will discuss international travel to exotic destinations, diverse cultures, religious clashes, terrorism, intelligence agencies, spies, lies and spy games. And of course a unique, up-close and comprehensive look into the private life and dealings of David Coleman Headley that only a wife can give.

Please stayed tuned for upcoming snippets and updates concerning the David Headley Affair book project.

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