Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rage Against The Machine: Target L:X

@judy just me, e. @ElyssaD but if his story repeats. #Quote anonymous ~ "Elyssa doesn't live here anymore" Just ask @marc ~or~ @marc like #omgcrazywtf or #OTWFN ??? #KnowWords I got your number. And I'm not afraid to use it! Phuck Phil! We're all screwed! Nobody wants 2 admit defeat. Not sure who is worse RWNJ or LW pass-the-buck-to-the-right using any means necessary. Or the blame-&-shame media whores & egos @david divided we fall. divided we fail. We are a sate divided. #TN act blue total disaster! Backfired! @tndp YOU fail. Now we all pay the price. BUT if #WEareNASHVILLE then clean it up because we fail miserably at misdirected cues. Get a clue not a cue. MY voice does matter. #dealwithit YES! WE! WE fail. @tndp just let the chips fall where they may... $5.44 where is MY non-profit return of receipt. Ethics! @ofa WHO are you. WHO do you represent? WHAT in "gods" name are you thinking. Ignored. Defriended. Stigmatized. Gone but NOT forgotten. NOT erased. ETHICS! @sky do you represent Faux news @christian do u remember me now. MDHA. Reported. You came to me. Now you can't remember who - why? Really. Am I so easily forgotten. Hmmm... Kinda makes you wonder... @kathy you wanted it. U got it! There always a paper trail. And yours is more shameful than having toilet paper stuck on the bottom of your shoe. I'm done cleaning up other peoples shit. @karl TEN YEAR PLAN TO REDUCE HOMELESSNESS? That is 10 years too long. @scott can I have a copy of my file. @brady good move! Get out while you can. @nashvillehomeless

YOU DO IT! For one day! YOU do it!

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