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Has my life been reduced to a comic book character in Batman? wow.

The Return of Durant

Story Synopsys:
- In this second of the Darkman series we find Dr. Peyton Westlake fighting crime to confiscate the criminal's money so he can continue his research for synthetic skin that will last longer than 99 minutes without disintegrating. Another scientist, Dr. David Brinkman, has also been working on a synthetic skin and the two may be able to break the 99 minute barrier together. All seems well until Robert Durant comes out of his coma and seeks to rebuild his criminal empire. One of the resources he needs is the building that Dr. Brinkman owns and contains his laboratory. Of course Durant tries to strong arm Brinkman to sell and the doctor's resulting death forces Darkman to go after Durant again, not only because Durant ruined his life but also because Brinkman took the secret of permanent synthetic skin to the grave.
- Renelays Dr. Brinkman's sister, Laurie. She gets involved because the building now is hers after her brother's death and she goes into negotiations with Durant's so called land development company to sell. She doesn't know that Durant killed David, she just thinks the $1million is fair compensation for her brother's life and good enough for her to get back to school and restart her own life. Of course Darkman tries to reason with her and convince her that Durant is the bad guy and selling to him would be a big mistake and that she'd be taking blood money. Finally, but too late, she realizes he's right but she's captured by Durant's gang and used as bait for Darkman, who Durant wants dead.

My thoughts on Rene performance
- Okay, first I think Reneid an excellent job here. Second, I'm still wondering about her character. Laurie works in a strip club but I'm assuming as a manager since she's only seen in conservative business wear, though her position is never revealed. It doesn't matter to the story, I'm just curious because it's Rene character. Third, in the beginning they have Renen far too much makeup. Those heavy fake eyelashes just have to go. Is the heavy makeup a hint to her job?
- Reneot third billing in this movie. I'm still unsure why Kim Delaney is more prominent in the credits and even has her picture on the tape box (back). Her role is a smaller and Renead more screen time. I can only assume name recognition was the driving force in that decision.

Just click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture

dm2a.jpg Laurie surveys her brother's lab after his death
dm2b.jpg Her emotions get the better of her
dm2c.jpg Showing that classic ROC smile in a broken picture
dm2d.jpg At David's funeral
dm2e.jpg Again at her brother's funeral
dm2f.jpg Laurie talks with one of Durant's men as Dr. Westlake
looks on in the background
dm2g.jpg She doesn't yet know he's a bad guy
dm2h.jpg She's been mourning her brother
dm2i.jpg Dr. Westlake confronts Laurie at work
dm2j.jpg He's trying to convince her that David was killed by Durant
dm2k.jpg Of course she doesn't believe him
dm2l.jpg She's just gonna have to learn the hard way
dm2m.jpg Laurie meets Durant at the meeting to sell the building
dm2n.jpg She seems confident she's doing the right thing
dm2o.jpg Durant feeds her some more bull
dm2p.jpg She wonders why there are so many thugs in the room
dm2q.jpg Laurie begins to worry about her business partners
dm2r.jpg She realizes that Durant is the infamous finger chopper
dm2s.jpg She confronts him about his motives in wanting the building
dm2t.jpg About to sign the deal, she thinks twice about it
dm2u.jpg Finally Laurie backs out of the deal
dm2v.jpg She runs because she knows these guys are killers
dm2w.jpg But can she get away before they catch up to her?
dm2x.jpg Taxi! She needs a taxi, and fast!
dm2y.jpg One of the bad guys catches up, but it's Darkman in disguise
dm2z.jpg Darkman has no time to explain the truth about himself
dm2za.jpg He stuffs Laurie in a cab to try to save her
dm2zb.jpg It doesn't work and Durant captures her
dm2zc.jpg Laurie is shackled in a chair at Durant's hideout
dm2zd.jpg She struggles with one of her captors
dm2ze.jpg (my favorite picture out of all these, that's why it here)
dm2zf.jpg Told she's going to be used for target practice
dm2zg.jpg Laurie, with Dr. Westlake, tries to resist the bad guy
dm2zh.jpg They face the weapon to be used against them
dm2zi.jpg Laurie and Dr. Westlake take cover after an escape attempt
dm2zj.jpg There's lots of shooting going on out there
dm2zk.jpg Laurie hesitantly draws a weapon
dm2zl.jpg You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, punk?
dm2zm.jpg Ready to blast Durant into the hereafter
dm2zn.jpg Laurie is knocked back by the force of an explosion
dm2zo.jpg Caught again by Durant as he yells out at Darkman
dm2zp.jpg Durant is listening for clues to where Darkman is hiding
dm2zq.jpg Laurie makes her escape! Hooray!
dm2zr.jpg She sees Dr. Westlake as he really is, Darkman
dm2zs.jpg Darkman explains his connection with Durant to Laurie
dm2zt.jpg Laurie thanks Darkman and says her goodbye as he leaves

The Nightmare... is in the post. The irony is the comments.

Has my life been reduced to a comic book character in Batman?

Perhaps I should have posted the comments with the original post. "She's just going to have to learn the hard way."

Please keep in mind, I did not write write any of this. And to the best of my knowledge, my brother, David is still alive. According to my father, he is "a bomb throwing communist in Canada." #ShitMyDadSays


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