Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Dear god this is a fucking nightmare. Please say Emerson rep I'd 10488
please have some compassion.

Still on hold, being transferred to the "finance dept."

When you live on a total income of $604 / month, I have never had much
luck dealing with the "finance dept"

I may as well be on hold with my insurance company, social security,
the state or the IRS (and it only costs 40 cents / minute)

Which part of what my "story" is so difficult for all you people to understand?

Forget the fact that I *should* be able to get a decent job that pays
at LIVING wage.

Forget the fact that I am kind of annoying and use the F word just
because I can.

Forget about my smile.

Forget about my family of origin.

Forget that I actually *believed* that my work had value to society

And now forget about this "daily dose of TMI" 10:59 pm and "Jeff" is
no longer on the line.

I would say that maybe I ran out of minutes, except the exact same
thing happened the other night when I called to activate the el cheapo
version that I bought at dollar general for $10.00.

I added $20 so I could call tech support and the Center for
Independent Living to inform then that my telephone had been
disconnected due to an unresolved problem with Social Security, the
IRS and The Powers That Beat.

How dare I spend $300 on a cell phone that was marketed to me as a
really good plan that was both flexible and would afford me the luxury
to communicate with the outside world to the extent that I am capable.

Yes, I realize I discuss uncomfortable topics and controversial issues
such as the freedom of speech, the culture of fear, the conspiracy of
silence and the fact that I am a HUMANE being who happens to have a

Forget all of that. Because if these should be "my last words" then
know that I did my very best to escape from the cycle of abuse in my
desperate attempt to break the family ties that would rather see me
dead than see my name or worse... THEIRS right next to it.

When I first started writing, I posted anonymously. Maybe I can get
that email address back again since my as you all my account has been

Make no mistake about it. The dots I left along the way tell a story
that is far greater than myself. Yes, I enjoy being a smart ass,
especially since so many enjoy "taking me down a notch" by insulting
my intelligence and my integrity.

Well, guess what, you may think you have won, but that does not mean
that I any where near ready to surrender. Because even if I am
invisible and offensive to the my entire "community" I speak for so
many others who trapped in the silence of poverty, stigma, and a
prison that keeps me trapped in these four walls and the random
streams of consciousness that manage to escape despite a very
organized and brutal attempt to keep me silent.

So you can try to forget who I am or that you ever knew me, but you
can trust that I will never forget the way you made me feel.

These are my words. And my words alone. And as much I would like to
think I have said or written something of substance on this tiny
little keyboard tonight, I can never no for sure when or if they will
reach the outside world and make their way to someone who might
actually enjoy reading them.

Signing off with both fingers and toes crossed...

God damn you tmobile, and the "dept of finance" and The Powers That Beat.

My name is Elyssa, and I'm not ready to make nice...

SEND SEND SEND... @earthspeakorg

End end end. @writefast


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