Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Exposed: Police Posing as Black Bloc Anarchists at Toronto G-8/G-20

Black Block Anti-EU protests

By Grant Lawrence

Bodhi Thunder

As I and other astute observers have observed. The violence in Toronto was likely being instigated by the agent provocateurs of the government. At nearly every major world economic summit government and intelligence agents are used to engage in violence so that an excuse can be found to break up the protests.

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In the video below we can clearly see police dressed as Black Bloc Anarchists.

Governments use agent provocateurs to either lead a group into violence or to engage in the violence themselves posing as group members.

For decades the governments of the west have infiltrated groups such as the IRA, the Skin Heads, and even peace groups. Awhile back it was revealed that the IRA's chief torturer actually worked for British Intelligence. The head of a German Neo-Nazi group worked for German Intelligence. Often these undercover terrorists try to get the groups to engage in forms of violence or disruption that they would normally have not done.

The public is manipulated by the government to believe in the unbelievable and to excuse the inexcusable. The government has at its disposal all of the money and power of the Financial-Corporate-Media-Government Complex.

The people have only the truth and the courage of their convictions.

Thankfully there are the true heroes of humanity that risk their freedom, their bodies, and their economic viability (arrest records will stop you from being hired) to stand up for humane ideals.

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