Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Legacy: Some Inherit the Wind... others inherit the earth...

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I finally was able to acess the .pdf you sent from Germany last year. Unfortunately it was too late.

But maybe you can take that one up with my mother.

As you probably know, I have to provide detailed records to retain my benefits.   I would call you, but my telephone has been disconnected, and my email and password have been changed.  I need surgery again, so if you don't mind, if anyone call you at the office, just have them call my mother collect the way you used have me do it.... 

Since she seems to feel... well... exactly like you do. Tha my life has no value... certainly not enough to warrant having he tools I need to become a writer... albeit it a compute, internet, telephone or the surgery that would have restored the ability to feel my hands 12 years before i found a way to have it done without your help or your insurance.


And send my congratulations to Alex. Please tell him that even though i can't see or speak to him, I, for one, am extremely proud of the person he has become. 

I guess that is all.  I never received the file from you, and I really hate that I have to file a police report in order to obtain a copy so I can keep my apartment and my helathcare.  But I know you are busy, so good luck with the Madoff case. 

Big feather in  your cap... even for a "SuperLawyer!"




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