Friday, June 4, 2010

Laid-Off: A No Nothing Production

this maybe my last post.

i am admitting defeat, not surrender. clearly my message ahs reached therigt people or i would have a job instead of a welfare check that has already been spent.

throiwng good money after bad, it the American
dream they promised us all. The dream, the work ethic, and the myth ofeducation and equal opportunity...


I have seen more tha enough people tur their heads, ignore my presence, so clearly my voice is neither valued nor appreciated.

o tho those i say fuck you. necaue the fact that your offended by the reality of this community... well i sure as shit hope you are. and becaue don't have the decency to feel compassion or appeciation for the work i have done in the past... for that itis you who should be ashamed and embarrassed.

File under: apathy, poverty, crisis, amd #wearenashville

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