Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Leaveless Plant A living tribute to those who have been left behind << #suicide #DCS #TN #JuvenileJustice #FAIL

The Leaveless Plant
by Cody Gambill
© 2006

I am a plant without any roots
I bring no syrup I bear no fruits

I am not much to look at without any flowers
All I do is sit and stare for hours

Every so often I wander off to find a new spot
Feeling no attachment to anything I’ve got

Every time I move I lose a leaf or two
But no one will notice because here I am new

After moving a while I look down to see
How oblivious I am to my nudity

All of my moving has shaken me bare
Embarrassed and all I ignore the stares

But the more I think the better I feel
Because the leaves from me provided a meal

So I am important like all on this earth
Think I’ll settle down and show this world what I’m worth

-Cody Gambill

Please tell me why the state gave up on this child?

Let this be my parting gift to him, I hold his memories, his journals and his experience in my heart. His words will live on my website forever... my living journal as a tribute to those who are left behind.

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