Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing Through Trauma: Sometimes the only way out is through...

Both SpottyX and are in TwitterJail! Grrr!

Though I understand trauma and I too am stuck in my way (like the
nightmares) I know there is no cure all and being all consumed with
love for another is not a quick fix- just a temporary distraction.

I read on many topics, partly as a way to heal myself. Last night I
had a horrible nightmare woke up around midnight. Mike was on there
and also some educators talking about charter schools.

By submersing myself in the academic world it is different brain wave
and moves me from trauma (emotional) to the intellectual. Sometimes I
just read the dictionary. "Mindfulness"

In any event I fell back and woke up this morning no nightmare!
(Actually I'm this might be a good blog post, lol!)

I can't tweet so maybe I blog! LoL!


Talk to you soon!

@ElyssaD & @SpottyX

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