Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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#FTC keep an on my account please for anymore bots. i am dead in the water since i can't verify email on droid and that is matched to google account. end user certiificate on droid is invalid.

my mother changed the password on the account so i can't access it. in addition any password rest will be redirected towards... idk.. where do sms messages go to die if sent into cyberspace?

so now they won't release my number my the password ir any of that crap. i don't have energy for this ight now.

constant bullshit.

also the #tree [if i'm the apple] blocked my number from any downloads // which prevents from uograding os or uploading data to network... i could do some sms / mms but that got turned off as well.

she does this a couple times a year. so this makes it kind of difficult to troubleshoot the phone or gmail / paypal etc because she does not tell me in advance.

so i sit there endlessly trying to get a signal or figure out what is coming next.

yeah i'm sure too much information, but given that it is ta season and my bank account was also modified, not to mention a letter from the treasury regarding money they sent to the D & D that was never received.

So not only do I have to pay the money back, the treasury has the account number of the
pnc bank that received it through wire transfer.

now i'm pretty pised off to put it mildly. since ta day has always been an issue it is not the first time i've had to with interference that is both petty and tiresome.

they know this. so they just don't give a fuck....

my hands are tied and tired.... and i just had enough for right now.

and this is just one more day in the life...

#dots #gaslighting #control #bullshit #identity

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