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Thanks for visiting Steal This Wiki, a collaborative update and rewrite of Abbie Hoffman's seminal work, Steal This Book. And a special welcome to readers of Little Brother, Cory Doctorow's new book (available for free online), which we are excited to see reference our project.

Read it!

You can browse the always-improving wiki online or download it in book format to your computer and print and bind a hard copy. Our already very useful beta release of Steal This Book Today includes both a complete edition (448 pages) and a condensed Survival Edition (138 pages). If you're feeling nostalgic, you can also read the original. But there is still lots of work to do!

Write it!

We look forward to seeing what you can contribute to the project. Just take a quick look at our guidelines and then jump in editing and expanding. Or discuss the project, and related issues, in our forum.

You can also help by getting the word out. You can tell others about the site, email out copies of the book, make it available for download in new places, give print copies to friends or others, leave them in libraries, or quote the material in new work.

Help us!

Our site uses quite a bit of bandwidth every day and, since we have no advertisements (and never will), we are completely dependent on donations to keep us afloat. The form on our home page sends donations directly to our hosting provider, where they can only be used for server costs. Thanks in advance!


Questions about the project should be directed to firsty at Problems with the site should be addressed to root at

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