Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean makes a deal with the Chamber of Commerce: Details Unknown

Check out this website I found at

This will be edited... Because in typical Nashville Style, I would 7.50 to read about this "economic package Mayor Dean put together with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. As someone who has spent the part of my life evaluating various social welfare programs, this make NO sense to me! Put out a press release for god sakes, send a letter or email to those of who are repeatedly denied services these programs are supposed to help! It is just beyond my capacity to understand how you actually spin this shit when there are people like me shouting it the rooftops! Have you NO shame? Don't bother to answer, not as if you might actually take 5 mins to READ an email some "random" constituent sent a year ago early March. Where are Brady's files? Did he leave them behind? Enough. I have had enough. Thank you for giving me such a clear sense just how much you really do value my support and dedication and hard work on your campaign! Excuse me while I go throw up, AGAIN tripping down memory lane.

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