Sunday, December 2, 2012

cat food || After Midnight No Response


Begin forwarded message:

From: ElyssaD™ 
Date: December 2, 2012, 9:56:20 PM EST
To: Karen Kahn <>
Cc: ELyssaD 
Subject: cat food

🔐 already offered to trade me when they are feeling better since you cancelled Thursday for furniture delivery, Friday for hair appointment and forgot about Lunch and your promise to take me to dollar store so I could get food and Vitamins and the stuff you got at Costco.

You wanted to go Museum and I told you that I need to get food and vitamins since I had to pay $220 for medication and can not afford the $1,100 to get the other one that I have been taking for three years.

My Medicaid does not go into effect until 1/1/13 and was terminated on my birthday as you well no since I told you multiple times.

You will have your rent on time. I will forgo food and medicine since medical records document that you have history of using "credentials" to access and prevent medical treatment and complicate my health and disability benefits.

You have never provided an accurate and consistent medical history and now that Lauren is applying for benefits, my case is going to be reopened since you claimed me as dependent until 2009 "by accident"

In other words, you make me sick. Physically and emotionally. Documented.

Get some help. I am not willing to risk my health or my well being for a can of cat food, a piece of chicken, or a pair of hand me down panties and earphones.

Don't forget, the walls have ears. Everything you said was recorded by a concerned professional after you filed insurance policy on 9/25/12 making you the beneficiary of "disabled daughter" just before you went into Lowe's and made me sit in the car while you went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy yourself more crap you don't need.


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