Friday, October 5, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: AFB AutismAid Partnership

AFB AutismAid Partnership Press release

AFB AutismAid Partnership Press release

For Immediate Release AutismAid Catlin, IL AutismAid is proud to announce its partnership and endorsement of Autism Friendly Business  #AFB This unique startup company is offering businesses worldwide the opportunity to learn and grow with the changing landscape of our diverse communities. AFB offers Autism Service Non profits and individuals unique fundraising opportunities, While educating businesses on superior customer service for both internal and external customers. I look forward to a long term relationship with the new organization. I welcome the opportunity to visit with anybody about AutismAid and the new partnership with Autism Friendly Business AFB - TannersDad Tim Welsh Founder AutismAid tim Phone 217 260 3098

About AutismAid  A state of Illinois Non Profit Corporation working with the goal and objective of being an umbrella for autism organizations and supporters across the globe to unify and gather under for support. Our desire is to refocus education on key issues in autism and the mobilization of communities to create a sustainable safety net, effectively providing a balance of services in the community that we feel has not been adequate. Currently representing 13 regional and national ASD Service non Profits with  invitation extended for others to join.

About Autism Friendly Business #AFB International  affiliation and Educational Business Network  is a Community Service organization that offers best practice customer service education, recognition of Business community leaders,  social media support and promotion  for those providing superior workplace environment for those with Autism.  Working together with  Autism community leaders, Businesses will be taught service, support and critical need programs.  AFB  seeks to end discrimination and ignorance in the workplace that is occurring due to lack of interaction and understanding of those on the Autism spectrum. AFB is designed to solely support and promote one charity,  AutismAid.

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