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Making Mistakes

by Mike Ferruggi,
October 2nd 2010

A friend called me this morning in tears because she somehow forget she was working this morning and was responsible for opening her store and was jetting there as fast as she could in a taxi. I tried to calm her down a bit, let her know she’s have to accept the consequences–a call to the District manager, the store would get fined, and she probably would get written up. But I also reminded her that mistakes happen, we all screw up once in a while, she understood the import of the situation, and most importantly, I advised her that the mark of a true leader is a person who accepts responsibility for their mistakes but doesn’t let them run them over. You get up and move on and keep going.

In tai chi, we learn from mistakes and adversity. It’s what helps us grow and develop. You have to try things out for yourself. In taoism and intuitive thought process, it’s almost a welcomed necessity. Making a mistake at work can be humbling, but it also shows what you are made of, whether you have character or not.

She’s a good kid so I know she’ll make it through this seemingly larger than it is situation.

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