Wednesday, October 24, 2012

List of Asperger Symptoms || AutismAid

List of Asperger Symptoms

Poor communication such as:

Speech and language peculiarities

Overformal speech

Taking everything literally

Word repetition (echolalia)

Long monologues

Inappropriate remarks

Inability to take turns talking

Inability to listen to others

Speaking without any pitch or tone

Unable to recognize figure of speech or sarcasm

Difficulty initiating conversation

Flat, cheerless demeanor

Loud voice

Doesn’t respond to name very well

Non-verbal communication problems such as:

Inability to pick up facial expressions

Not able to notice body language

Does not pick up subtle changes in someone tone of voice

Avoid eye contact while communicating

Unaware of personal space ( invading it!)

Few facial expressions

Unaware of unwritten rules

Impaired social interaction such as:

Social withdrawal

Lack of interest in other people

Eccentric personality

Preoccupied with their own agenda

Socially non-adapted personality

Urge to correct people in their speech or behavior

Limited interests

Unusual preoccupations

Need for sameness

Repetitive routines or rituals

Engages in highly repetitive play

Excellent rote memory

Lack of empathy



Inflexible thinking

Lack of imagination


Rigid thinking

Lack of make-believe or imitative play

Fear of changes

Poor motor skills such as:

Poor coordination


Uncoordinated motor movements

Hand flapping

Head swiveling


Stilted Doesn’t have a strong response to pain

Extreme dislike of certain noises, textures or situations

Easily over stimulated by sounds, crowds or lights

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