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Autism Society - Autism and the Next President

Autism and the Next President

by Autism Society,
September 20th 2012

With fewer than 50 days until Election Day, the Autism Society encourages all autism advocates to learn about the candidates’ positions on autism and disability supportive services. Autism Society staff are closely monitoring the position papers and statements issued by both the Democrat and Republican parties. Don’t forget to seek the positions of your municipal and state representatives as well! We encourage you to ask the candidates for their positions on the following important issues: autism support services, research, increased access to screening and diagnosis and more support for successful transitions to adulthood.

The Democrat and Republican party platforms both refer to autism spectrum disorder.

From the Republican Party platform:

We also support federal investment in basic and applied biomedical research, especially the neuroscience research that may hold great potential for dealing with diseases and disorders such as autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Access the entire document here.

From the Democratic Party platform:

Americans with Disabilities. No one should face discrimination based on disability status. President Obama and the Democratic Party will continue to lead efforts to facilitate the access of Americans with disabilities to the middle class, employment opportunities, and the ability to lead full, productive, and satisfying lives. The administration and the Democratic Party are committed to assisting the approximately 50 million people in this country living with disabilities, assuring their full integration into society. Read more of the platform here.

The Autism Society is a non-partisan organization that will continue to encourage greater discussion on how each candidate will address the needs of the autism and other developmental disability communities.

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