Thursday, August 23, 2012

London's Burning - Guest Blog via @Lesism

London's Burning - Guest Blog

by Les Floy,
August 10th 2011

I was hugely honoured to be asked to write a guest blog for Eden Baylee – one of the greatest writers and most vibrant souls I’ve had the pleasure to meet through Twitter.
The spec for to blog was that it should be on the subject of ‘Passion and Compassion’ and I had a few ideas up my sleeve (term of phrase, since I don’t have any sleeves… I usually blog wearing just a top hat), but the shocking events in London, over the weekend – and, now, further around England – had me change track at the last minute.
Passions are flying high… both with the looters, and also in the general public… but what will become of the world if we always fight violence with violence, hate with hate and negativity with negativity?
Compassion is needed, now, more than ever.
You can read my blog – “London’s Burning” – by clicking HERE.
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